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Did the Department of Justice think these indictments would hurt Donald Trump in the primary? The department is infested with anti-Trump lawyers working diligently to ensnare the former president in a disqualifying legal circus. It tried to do that with the Russian collusion hoax, but that operation was exposed. Half the country knew that from the beginning, but now, there's another issue facing the Justice Department that many are aware of but are probably indifferent regarding its consequences. Concerning the Trump indictments, how does the DOJ sell anything when half the country thinks it's interfering in the 2024 election? 

It's the Nero effect. The DOJ is prepared to burn down Rome if it means engulfing Trump in flames. It's come this far, so why stop? The old ways of being sly to sell the FBI's agenda are primarily closed. You saw that when the bureau tried to gaslight us again in the FD-1023 report on Joe Biden's alleged corruption, where the FBI's source alleged $5 million was paid to Biden directly in 2015-16 from Burisma Holdings. The fake news pivot was that then-Attorney General William Barr shut down the probe after no incriminating findings were discovered and Rudy Giuliani first brought up the allegation. 

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) was the first to pitch these lies. They quickly fell apart, as Barr denied he ended the investigation and the source's allegations were unconnected to Giuliani. The informant has been used since the Obama administration. The media route for the FBI is over – no one believes them. 

Law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys are looked upon in society as the faces of moral authority, those who work tirelessly to enforce the law, maintain public safety, and that's all done with the public's trust in them. Some even put their lives on the line to defend those principles. Maintaining that trust prevents this nation from entering banana republic territory, though some have argued that we're already at that juncture. It's why it's a huge story when that trust is broken via scandal. 

Spencer wrote about how the public has received the latest Trump indictment over classified materials: 55 percent think the legal action is politically motivated, with 83 percent of Republicans and 55 percent of independent voters agreeing with that sentiment. Fifty-six percent feel these indictments interfere with the 2024 election. 

That would be correct, especially when you see other high-ranking government officials mishandling classified information, namely the Clintons. Hillary Clinton got away with it. And what about the Chinese spy balloon? The story flew under the radar, but a Pentagon official allegedly leaked sensitive information to deflect blame from the Biden administration's apparent dithering on the incident. 

What Trump did was bad and avoidable, but let's stop acting like this was the first breach in US history. Yet, and we've mentioned this before, the Justice Department, like other members of the Democratic Party and its campaign operative class, isn't concerned about the primary. These legal actions are all about the general election. It doesn't care if its case is solid or constitutional. Trump going to jail isn't even on the top of the agenda. It's all about the trials – both of them – and damaging Trump with the rest of the electorate who have already voted against him for a second term. 

These voters, who have Republicans in the ranks, killed the GOP's chances for a red wave in the 2022 midterms, which is the Left's 2024 playbook. Just remind these folks about Trump in a presidential year when he's potentially at the top of the ticket and let the rest fall into place. Just look at what happened to the GOP crop when Trump wasn't on the ballot in 2022. It was a monumental disappointment for the Republican Party. Still, it's a gamble: destroy the integrity of the Justice Department for now, and hope you can rebuild it after the Trump era in American politics has passed. 

The problem is that it hasn't been just for this cycle. For years, the DOJ/FBI has operated like the Stasi for the Democrats, and that's a sentiment that isn't going to be swept away so quickly, especially now that the left has seen how effective it has become in weaponizing the vast resources of this department to go after one's enemies, optics be damned. When it comes to accruing more power, you're not going to care about how the public perceives you, which is one of the bricks you pass over on the road to authoritarianism. 



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