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What Happens If Trump Isn't Arrested?

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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The former president was supposed to be taken into custody today. But that's according to him. His staff and press team have yet to hear that this is a definitive conclusion for the Manhattan grand jury looking into alleged hush money payments directed at former adult entertainer Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election. District Attorney Alvin Bragg has become a target, though some of the reasoning behind it is justified. There are slam-dunk crimes his office can prosecute today, but this circling back on a half-a**ed charge is soaked in politics. But what if Trump isn't arrested? 

For all the talk, some surprising people think an indictment isn't coming. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman was exceedingly bearish on that prospect. The star witness is the remarkably unreliable Michael Cohen. It's more of a Hail Mary than indicting Trump for mishandling classified materials, which is another legal unicorn. 

To be honest, I don't care about Trump doling out hush money or him having an affair with a porn star. He's a billionaire; this behavior is not just unsurprising—it's expected. Second, we knew about this tryst. Does it come off, at times, like we're trying to put Trump on trial in the moral court of public opinion? We all voted for a bad guy, and I don't care that he's a bad guy. If the president delivers for the American people, no one cares about morality issues. 

A person who can allegedly rape and sexually assault multiple women is an offense long forgiven by the electorate if they grow the economy by 24 million new jobs and increase household income by an average of $7,000/year. Not only that, but they will also be beloved, cushioned by solid approval ratings that soar into the 60s. We had a person like that occupy the Oval Office. His name was William Jefferson Clinton.

Back to Trump, does he know something his communications team doesn't know regarding the Bragg investigation? I'm banking that he's just trying to gin up his supporters again, but why? It will only reinforce the "bull in the china closet" routine that's run its course with voters. 

Mr. Trump, while your coalition is loyal and geographically diverse, which makes you competitive with low approval ratings, it's not enough to win. While the Democrats overreached on January 6, you're giving them another opportunity to rehash that theater should something go very wrong at one of these protests, like a situation where a police officer does get killed.

There seems to be no plan other than bad press is still good press, which may have worked when he was a political unknown. He's no longer that—and this move will only drive more voters that Trump needs to win in a national election away, even if they do support his policies. Why make for a situation where things can go haywire in your name?


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