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Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

We forgot about Joe Biden's signature smile when he was asked about his classified document fiasco because that's now been suffocated like McMurphy in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." The president smiled because he knew he could get away with it. He knew that the liberal media's line of inquiry, while annoying, would pass. The man left state secrets everywhere, and there were multiple locations where classified materials were discovered, which sent us down a hypocritical rabbit hole that morphed into an unnecessary history lesson. 

Months after the Mar-a-Lago raid, the Democrats sat high and mighty, preaching about how reckless Donald Trump was for absconding the White House with classified materials, and then Joe Biden screwed it all up. The Delaware liberal left state secrets apparently everywhere, including the garage of his Delaware home. A trove of documents stashed at the University of Delaware also needed to be analyzed. It was a circus, which also killed whatever chance there was to indict Trump on what would have been politically motivated charges. You also cannot indict a president for mishandling classified information. 

We've been saying that the National Archives overclassifies everything. That became part of the liberal lexicon when their guy got busted for being even more reckless with sensitive materials. Trump had everything in a secure location—Mar-a-Lago—under Secret Service protection and staffed with those with the proper clearances. Biden left them unattended, unsecured, and potentially handled by those without appropriate security clearances. 

Then, it was a long cycle from news organizations about how this type of stuff happens all the time, dating back to the Kennedy days. White House officials would improperly take state secrets home, review them, and return them the following day. It's still a breach of protocol, one that then-Sen. Biden ironically used to destroy the CIA director nomination of Ted Sorensen under Jimmy Carter. 

We shouldn't be shocked at this outcome. We knew the Department of Justice wouldn't do anything, though the serial oversights with Biden and state secrets led to a special counsel probe of his own. An investigation marred by allegations that federal officials are intentionally sabotaging the case by moving at a lethargic pace; they were hell on wheels during Trump's raid. The DOJ's special counsel looking into Biden's breaches is also taking the president's personal lawyers at their word over this matter. 

Biden knew the end game, as should we; he would get away with it. He could have had nuclear secrets on his kitchen counter; Biden knew he would survive. I would smile, too, if I were an idiot and untouchable. Joe is a great pick to represent both concepts there.   



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