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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

The media is entering the final days of covering the mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, which occurred over the weekend. The Asian American community in Los Angeles County city was celebrating the Lunar New Year when a man, Huu Can Tran, 72, opened fire at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio. Eleven people were killed, and Tran would later be found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after an extensive manhunt. The motive for this heinous crime is still being investigated, but it could be over a dispute with his ex-wife. Unlike Highland Park, Illinois, last Fourth of July, this mass shooting will soon disappear from the media’s minds for a simple reason.

Tran is not white.

You already knew this would be the next step once the race was revealed to the public. Nothing can be weaponized to attack Republicans, gun owners, rural Americans, or the National Rifle Association. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze when non-whites commit mass shootings, so they’re not of national concern—they’re local news stories. The best is when the shooter is white but an ardent leftist, then the evasive maneuvers are genuinely put into overdrive. 

Does anyone remember the 2019 mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio? Probably not, since it lasted a hot second in the news. The perpetrator, Connor Stephen Betts, shot and killed nine people and wounded over 20 more at Ned Peppers Bar. An AR-15-style firearm was used to commit the crime. You could envision the liberal media salivating over this story: a mass shooting committed by a white guy with an AR-15-like weapon and ammunition. Except that Betts was a hardcore left-winger and ANTIFA supporter. Everyone then ran for the hills. It didn’t fit the narrative. 

The shooting must be a white male who used some form of sporting rifle that liberals find scary to get anything out of it politically. They want the anti-gun talking points to be rehashed, they want liberal activists to fill the war chests of Democrats promising new gun control laws, and they want to move the needle, no matter how small, closer to ending the Second Amendment. It’s the long game, but Asians killing other Asians doesn’t mesh well with the far-left politics formula liberals want to shove down all our throats. 

There are no campaign dollars for non-whites killing other non-whites, so the left isn’t going to care. They will get to the bottom of the motive since police appear to be on to something hours after the shooting, something the liberal media is probably relieved to learn since it means they can wrap this up soon. The sooner, the better because there’s nothing to gain here regarding helping their Democratic Party allies. 

The story is about to be suffocated with a pillow and forgotten. And don’t you kid yourselves—there will be zero calls from top Democrats for stringent new anti-gun laws after this Lunar New Year shooting. But you already knew that. 


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