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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

I swear this will be the last time I write about Liz Cheney until she repeats something abjectly stupid. The Wyoming congresswoman finally reaped what she sowed after two years of anti-Trump crusading. She lost her primary to Harriet Hageman by nearly 40 points. Cheney, who is part of a powerhouse family in the state and nation, couldn't even manage to garner 30 percent of the vote. The rejection of her anti-Trump hysterics was explicit. When 70 percent of voters in your state vote for Trump, and then you describe these voters as the spawn of Satan, unhinged and uncouth—you're probably going to lose your re-election bid. Did Liz not learn anything from Hillary Clinton's "deplorables" moment in 2016? 

The people of Wyoming needed a congresswoman to fight for monetary policies to reduce historic inflation levels. She refused. Wyomingites wanted a congresswoman that could fight for bills to get our economy going after the COVID pandemic. She opted to join Democrats in their impeachment circus against Donald Trump. Liz sabotaged her career because of January 6, which doesn't come close to past national traumas this country has suffered. Now that she's been fired, will Cheney become an even more grating force? Her latest ABC News interview suggests that becoming the mecca of political exasperation for the Trump wing of the GOP is her goal.

It almost reads like a comedy. The woman who got trounced in her primary for re-election is now the voice regarding who can and cannot hold elected office. Yes, she declared that Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Josh Hawley (R-MO) are not fit for future office because "orange man bad." Again, it's engrossing to see a fallen member of Congress try to lecture us on who is qualified when the voters of her state want nothing to do with her. The margin of Cheney's defeat was absurd for a sitting Republican in one of the reddest states in the country. You must work overtime to ruin yourself in Wyoming. Cheney's pervasive anti-Trump charade constituted a dereliction of duty, and the voters here confirmed that. 

What's next for Cheney? She says she will do everything to stop Trump but doesn't have the means to do it. She won't mount a third-party run nor win the 2024 Republican nomination, so what's left? Will she start a Lincoln Project-like super PAC to go after Trump-supporting candidates flush with cash from Democrats? She could carve out enough space for that venture to keep herself in the limelight, though I'm not sure for what purpose. Cheney equated herself to President Abraham Lincoln in one of the most condescending and tone-deaf concession speeches in recent memory. Liz thinks this 30-plus point defeat is a win, as if she'll emerge from the ashes like a phoenix. How long will it take to recognize that a political comeback for her will never happen? 


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