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AP Photo/Denis Poroy

I never really considered myself a culture warrior at all. I like watching brutally violent movies. I don't care about the amount of sex or nudity there is out there in entertainment. I will watch whatever the hell I want and let the market do the rest. For the most part, I mostly stay away from socially conservative agenda items because a) we already have writers who do that, and b) it's just not my area of interest. I'm not pro-abortion, but I know it's a high-intensity issue for a large swath of our base. While I'm not a hardcore pro-lifer, I abhor the left's penchant for baby killing. It is an issue loaded with nuance, which is probably why the left just goes all-out in advocating for unrestricted abortion up until birth; liberals hate nuance. I generally don't care what gay Americans do. If they want to marry and suffer like the rest of us—go for it then. I'm for the decriminalization of prostitution. I'm against the war on drugs. Socially libertarian-ish is where I land, though I don't take on a moral superiority complex like most in this area. These are just low-grade issues for me, but then education becomes infiltrated with those who just want to turn all the kids transgender and not tell their parents, which is beyond disturbing. I guess in the end, the one thing the left will do is make you care. They will make you care.

What the hell is going on in our schools? Again, at first, it was usually a few freakishly odd teachers or faculty. I remember the stories in high school. David Horowitz wrote a book, "The ProFessors," which detailed some of the nation's far-left faculty, not that we could do anything about it. I wouldn't be shocked if all these instructors had tenure. Yet, the whole gender games thing was never a thing. It's not just conservatives. Bill Maher, an ardent left-winger, admits that five-six years ago, defunding the police was not a thing, neither were three-year-olds coming out as transgender. Little kids don't know what that is—it's the parents. 

Now, apparently, there are enough parents who find this behavior acceptable since our schools have become war zones for these sorts of outlandish spectacles. I've tried to dismiss it as a one-off thing, but it's become out of control. When one of the most liberal areas in the country, Northern Virginia, has had it with the "woke" critical race theory antics—you know Democrats are barking up the wrong tree. 

The Loudoun County school district was engulfed in controversy during the 2021 elections when it was discovered that the school board had tried to sweep a gender-fluid student's sexual assaults under the rug. This was also around the time when the Biden Department of Justice declared war on parents for merely being against the insane COVID protocols and other questionable curricula being peddled at the schools where their children attend.

Whatever happened to English class, math class, history, foreign language, and the sciences? It was a simple day of learning from all those fields of study. Now, we have added all this gender crap into the mix. Little kids are holding Pride parades. We have these creepy TikToks from teachers in this community saying the quiet part out loud. Libs of Tik Tok has become indispensable in tracking and exposing these creeps. Right now, the left is all in a furor over Florida's so-called "Don't Say Gay" bill. The word "gay" is not mentioned, though that hasn't stopped these folks from going indiscriminately insane. It should be called the "STFU and teach" bill because that's what it does. Teach the normal curriculum and leave the gender/gay/transgender/whatever the hell else to the kids, their families, and keep it in the home. We have TikToks of teachers coming out as transgender to their fourth-grade class. 

What is this? These students are not a base of support. They aren't your shoulder to cry on; this isn't a support group. It's a classroom. 

Even The New York Times' piece about this legislation exposes the mounds of inaccurate information liberals have been freebasing about this bill. If anything, the worst criticism about it is that there are parts that are vague. That's fixable. At its core, there really isn't anything controversial other than these teachers can't turn their social studies classes into a "woke" CRT dumpster fire that focuses on gender and trans people 24/7.

How has the left reacted, especially the faculty? Oh, it's quite a talking point: parents have no rights over their children. They are the experts, they say. Parents should shut up and go away. 

A college degree doesn't make you an expert, and teachers are not special. During COVID, these people exposed themselves as some of the most selfish and anti-science folks out there. Parents do have rights. This is not that hard, and you can't brainwash kids en masse, teachers. This isn't China. You're not philosopher-kings. Quit acting like it because anyone can bellow trite talking points about LGBT issues, play movies all day, and not teach. 


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