How to Oppose Biden and His Liberal Cabal

Posted: Mar 05, 2021 11:00 PM
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How to Oppose Biden and His Liberal Cabal

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Fellow Patriots,

Unfortunately, the Democrats control everything right now. The liberal media has remained unscathed from their pervasive campaign of bias and corruption that shielded the Biden family from their China connections. And now, Big Tech is coming in with its swords, trying desperately to slice away and silence conservative media. They’ve banned Donald Trump. They did this when he was still our president. Big Tech is engaging in a purge in order to silence us. We can't let that happen. That's why we need your direct support.

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Are you tired of all the "fact checks" from the leftist media that only serve to stroke the egos of liberal America? Well, it’s actually a bit worse than that, as these so-called fact-checkers have been weaponized to attack and destroy conservatives behind the scenes. They don’t like how we call them out on their weak sauce agenda items - that truly gets under their skin.

Every week, there's Fact Check the Left VIP articles that offer you a front-row seat to the obliteration of a liberal media lie. Remember when Joe Biden lied and said there was no plan to distribute the COVID vaccine? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was called out for lying about her location during the Capitol Hill riot. Joining VIP will ensure we keep enough powder in the armory to lay waste to the Left’s lies.

Right now, we’re stacking sandbags and need your help in ensuring the line holds. It won’t end with just one more election. We need continued support to ensure as conservatives our journalism, our agenda, and our presence in America aren’t erased. The Left is trying to crush us.

We want you in our army. We need you in our army. We’re not going to allow some Delaware senator who has had a sad, unremarkable political career and whose dementia is rapidly progressing to have the final say. I know you feel the same. Joe Biden delivering the final blow? Hell no! This fight isn’t done. And you can do your part in opposing Joe and his Democrat cabal of thugs by joining VIP, arming yourself with the truth, and sharing it with like-minded allies.

The Coming Backlash
Kurt Schlichter

Never apologize for supporting America, our flag, freedom, and Donald Trump. We won't.

That’s how we feel. How dare we honor the principles of liberty, right? Well, we’re here to stay. Join VIP. Join the fight. And help us end the corruption of Joe Biden and his radical leftist allies.

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