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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The Left has no grasp of history. That's what's so funny about this renewed fetish to tear down statues of historical figures. Anyone who held problematic views is targeted. The Founding Fathers were slave owners, and they were white, so that's a double whammy. This arbitrary code of what is allowed and what is not is a soft cultural revolution that is grounded in hatred of America. These "woke" looney tunes are taking a wrecking ball to this nation. To do that effectively, you must strip it of its cultural identity. Or at least attempt to do so. Edward I (aka the "longshanks") did that to crush the people of Wales in his campaigns around the British Isles. The Japanese did that to the Koreans when they annexed the peninsula in 1910. This isn't new.

I think Abraham Lincoln was our greatest president. He saved the country. Period. He guided it through our most destructive and violent crisis and navigated the political waters to get the 13th Amendment passed, which was no easy task. The American Civil War, loaded with nuance, is my favorite part of our history. And while I'm not pro-Confederacy in any way, it is undeniable that some of our greatest generals fought for it and it is American history. You just can't erase it. So, that's why I'm dead set against moves to remove Confederate statues, monuments, or rename U.S. Army bases. It's not about the Confederacy. It's about our nation's history. The Left hates it. And if we give them an inch, they'll expect many more miles.

Take the attacks on Thomas Jefferson. Again, it's not new. He owned slaves. He's evil in the eyes of the Left, some of whom think America invented slavery. He's the main writer of the Declaration of Independence, a Founding Father, and a former president. Of course, he deserves statues, monuments, and establishments being named after him. In the Big Apple, the City Council of New York is trying to remove the statue of Jefferson at City Hall because, you guessed it, he was a slave owner.

If that's the case, then, New York City has to be destroyed. All of it. If we're going to play by these ridiculous rules, let's play and watch the Left eat their own. The city is named after King James II, who was the Duke of York when England captured what was called New Amsterdam from the Dutch in 1664. James' brother, King Charles II, renamed it New York. Why does this matter? Well, both Charles and James were key players in their future enterprise called the Royal African Company, which shipped slaves over to the Americas (via History Channel):

In 1619, some 20 Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia, where they were purchased from Dutch privateers to aid in the English colony’s lucrative, labor-intensive cultivation of tobacco. As profits piled up and slavery spread through the American colonies, the British crown decided to exert control over the slave trade to the colonies (and the wealth it generated). According to the Navigation Act of 1660, only English-owned ships could enter colonial ports. That same year, King Charles II granted a charter to the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa. Led by the king’s younger brother James, the Duke of York (later King James II), this group had a monopoly on British trade with West Africa, including gold, silver and slaves. Thanks to England’s war with the Netherlands, the original company collapsed under mounting debts in 1667, reemerging in 1672 with a new royal charter and a new name: the Royal African Company (RAC).

So, by these rules, New York City has to be turned into a glass bowl. It must be burned to the ground. There's also the Christopher Columbus statue, Columbus Circle, and probably a whole host of areas in the city that are named after problematic historical figures. Well, problematic in the eyes of progressives, not normal people. I don't make these rules, folks.

Our history has dark times for sure. Franklin Delano Roosevelt forced hundreds of thousands of Americans into concentration camps based on their race. Is he going to be canceled? What about late Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV)? He was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. Will West Virginia erase his mark on the state?

Again, this isn't about the Confederates. It's about our history, and the Left's rules having a destructive nature is no accident. Hold the line and protect our history.

In the meantime, I'll await the destruction of New York City, named after a notorious slave trader. If Jefferson goes down, so does the city. That's the rule. Your move, left-wingers.

(H/T Sean Davis)


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