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Would this have ever happened if Trump lost the 2016 election? I don’t know. Even prior to Donald Trump pulling off the greatest political upset in modern American political history, the Left was trending toward this politically correct, hyper-authoritarian ethos we see now. Trump may have accelerated this, but news headlines like this were bound to dominate the sphere. It’s inevitable. The professional elite dominates liberal politics and the cultural centers from which these newsrooms are headquartered.

With the coronavirus outbreak, it’s been a hell of a week. It’s been a good week. Hospitalizations have stabilized, deaths are down, the vast majority of the country is starting to re-open. In the UK, the virus is vanishing so quickly that a vaccine test might be useless. North Carolina just slashed its COVID death toll significantly, and Florida is doing just fine eight weeks after the media thought that bodies would be filling its beaches. But CNN decided to zero-in on the real victims here.

It’s not the small businesses that have been shattered due to the overreaction to this virus. It’s not the nearly 40 million people who were laid off. It’s women, or something. Yeah, with the data set we have so far, more men have been killed by the virus than women, but someone at CNN decided to peddle this story on Memorial Day (via CNN) [emphasis mine]:

The novel coronavirus seems to be more deadly for men. But in many other ways, women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.

From a spike in domestic violence and restricted access to family-planning services to disproportionate economic impact, the lockdown measures put in place to stop the outbreak are hurting women and their basic rights a lot more than men. Previous epidemics of Ebola and Zika have resulted in major setbacks for women and girls in the regions most affected by the outbreaks -- and experts and activists are warning the same thing is happening globally right now.

A CNN analysis earlier this year found that in the countries for which data was available, men were 50% more likely than women to die after being diagnosed with Covid-19. But experts say focusing purely on health data is dangerous.

"We think about this crisis in very narrow terms, only focusing on the health impacts, but we're missing the bigger picture," said Julia Smith, a researcher at the Simon Fraser University in Canada. Smith is working on a multi-year project looking at the wider impact of the pandemic.

"Men are having worse health outcomes if they become infected, but when we think about the secondary impacts, here we see that women are being disproportionately affected," she added.

Okay, I won’t burden you with the rest, but apparently, financial burdens are worse than death. Sorry, it’s not. Who the hell wrote this? And who thought it would be a good idea to publish this on Memorial Day? I’m not here to argue the COVID death toll, which will eventually be revised down, but men dying more than women seems to be—I don’t know—the full brunt. Dying is the full brunt. Being a single parent—this is all cited in the piece—is still not worse than death. They say most job losses have impacted women. That’s awful, yes—it’s still not worse than death.

I can’t believe we have to argue that death is not the worst thing. There are alternatives to every other situation in this trash CNN piece. There is no alternative to death. You all know this, but it appears some knuckleheads at CNN think otherwise. What drug was ingested when this was being written? What the hell is going on here?

If you’d think the media couldn’t get any worse, or peddle stories that shred their credibility, well, these clowns will never cease to amaze apparently.

“The novel coronavirus seems to be more deadly for men. But in many other ways, women are bearing the brunt of this pandemic.”

I still cannot get over that first sentence. I mean, this is an epic headdesk moment here.

Is it that the liberal media is that dumb, that woke, or that Donald Trump has broken their minds in more ways than can be counted on one’s hand? Maybe it’s a combination of all three, which is quite a toxic cocktail. You’d think CNN would take steps not to make total a**es of themselves, but here we are—stuck in neutral on that front. Then again, I’m not rooting for them to get out of the mud either. But this piece—wow.


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