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One year ago today, as Joe Biden took the oath of office, his allies in the media heralded him as the “Uniter in Chief” and a President who would heal the fractures of a divided country. Yet as he made painfully obvious at his press conference Wednesday or during his speech in Georgia last week, it couldn’t be further from reality.


Because underneath the empty rhetoric of unity and moderation, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with their pliable puppets like my opponent, Chris Pappas, took complete control of the federal government and have succeeded in holding our country hostage to the most radical agenda we have ever seen.

Over the past year, liberal activism from Washington, D.C. has given us record-high inflation, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a humanitarian crisis on the southern border, widespread labor shortages, and an unprecedented supply chain crisis. Instead of addressing these issues, Pappas and his other liberal colleagues double down on misguided priorities like a federal election takeover and even more spending intended to make us reliant on government forever.

Time and time again, Chris Pappas and Nancy Pelosi turn their backs on middle-class families. Every president makes mistakes and faces challenges, but this goes beyond incompetence; this is a deliberate strategy on the part of liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Pappas to fundamentally remake America in a “woke,” radical image while they work to maintain their political power.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Democrat US Senator Joe Manchin, who said just a few weeks ago, “My Democratic colleagues in Washington are determined to dramatically reshape our society in a way that leaves our country even more vulnerable to the threats we face." 

Look no further than their desperate scramble to save divisive curriculum like Critical Race Theory. In their limitless pursuit of power, liberals in Congress are willing to divide our precious children among racial lines to form a foundation of radical thought in their earliest years. As a new dad, I am deeply worried that one day, my son will be taught that he’s inherently evil because of the way he was born. At the rate we’re going, will he even be able to say he’s proud to be an American?


While the picture may look bleak a year into the mess that Joe Biden and his enablers in Congress, like Nancy Pelosi and Chris Pappas, created, it would be a mistake to ever bet against America.

Our national political system may be broken, but all we really need is a dose of New Hampshire common sense.

I grew up in a middle-class family that put hard work over handouts. Like most Americans, we didn’t have everything we wanted but I learned the importance of earning what you have at a young age. It’s this idea that created the foundation of the American dream that has allowed our nation to become the most prosperous country in world history.

I am running for Congress to protect that dream for working-class families like mine - and not allow it to be destroyed by Biden, Pelosi, and Pappas.

We need to emphasize hard work and perseverance, not dependence on the federal government. We need to rebuild a culture that prioritizes freedom of thought and competition, not cancel culture and participation trophies. Most importantly, every child needs a community where they can get a first-rate education, walk home safely from school, speak their minds, and find rewarding work.

I am proud to have served as Senior White House Advisor at the State Department in President Trump’s administration. I had the privilege of advising the U.S. Secretary of State on issues including stemming the tide of illegal immigration, defeating ISIS, making America energy independent, and ensuring religious freedom.

Through this work and my own personal journey, I’ve seen first-hand the turmoil created by weak leadership, extreme government overreach, and socialism here and around the world. We must fight back against these harmful policies that are infiltrating American society before it becomes too late.


Midterm elections are typically about pumping the brakes on the ruling party’s agenda, but the course we take a year from now will not just define the next two years of the Biden presidency, but rather the character of our country.

One year has been long enough. We can no longer sit idly by while Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chris Pappas wreck our country with weak global leadership, extreme government overreach, and divisive rhetoric. We need a new generation of conservative leadership to restore the American values that we know will make us safe and prosperous both now and for our children’s future.

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