Equality and Dissection

Posted: Aug 01, 2015 12:01 AM

This summer, many people, including friends of mine, adopted the rainbow symbol and the message of human equality after the U.S. Supreme Court took it upon itself to redefine marriage.

Actual leaders of “gay rights” organizations universally explain, in open partnership with Planned Parenthood, that their concept of equality likewise promotes “reproductive health,” which itself includes abortion.

Thus, leading advocates to redefine marriage cite human “equality,” but believe it can coexist with their own diktat that only certain human beings are “equal,” while others can be torn apart.

To rainbow equality leaders, defining some humans as abortable is an obvious and even necessary consequence of being able to redefine what man, woman, and marriage mean in order to maximize sexual expression.

In the same public statements, these leaders insist it is “equally true” that people who refuse to help abortions should be punished just the same as people who refuse to help same-sex weddings. Any refusal to help the activities they have defined as fundamental to sexual license, including abortion, constitutes “discrimination.”

Recently, America has learned in a new and graphic way that the abortion industry doesn’t just kill babies, it vivisects them. The same abortion advocates who partner with groups to redefine marriage, including Planned Parenthood, have now united to defend baby organ harvesting as an essential reproductive health option.

This produces a syllogism of human redefinition. Equality means redefining man, woman, and marriage, which includes reproductive health, which includes abortion, and baby vivisection. All such “equality” requires “non-discrimination,” which means citizen bystanders must help all things called marriage and reproductive health, including abortion and vivisection, or else be punished.

The same “equality” principle that makes a Christian wedding photographer destitute likewise requires doctors, women, and churches to participate in the abortion medical regime, which encompasses baby vivisection.

Some polls indicate that more Americans are pro-life than would define marriage as one man and one woman (although both numbers seem to have gone up recently). Thus it is important that citizens embracing the message of equality out of a sense of compassion ask themselves: why do all of the leaders who sent you that rainbow banner believe you are wrong if you think babies are equal, too?

When you share a link supporting the punishment of Christian florists and bakers, do you also share the view of “gay rights” leaders that citizens must help abortions, too, and apparently baby harvesting right along with it?

Is it possible there is a deep redefinition of humanity embedded in the “gay rights” brand of equality, which causes their leaders to champion abortion and coerce people who oppose it, but they didn’t tell you about that premise up front?

We’ve also learned recently that citizens who fly a flag need to think about the principles it represents. Many people believe the Confederate flag does not just stand for Southern culture—that it is inextricably intertwined with slavery. If so, what does it mean to fly the rainbow equality flag, when all the leaders who hand it out fervently believe “equality” means they get to define which humans are “equal” and which can be sacrificed and harvested? There’s a pot of gold at the end of the equality rainbow, but you’ll find it in Planned Parenthood’s Swiss bank account, full of tax dollars.

People acting in good faith need to examine the assumptions behind what they endorse. If not, they risk finding themselves partnering with Planned Parenthood and all their abortions and vivisections, just like the rainbow equality leaders are doing.

Which humans will be declassified, coerced, and harvested next, somewhere under the rainbow?