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Profiling the Democrats: A Summary

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Samuel Johnson, the brilliant English man of letters, stated, “Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”  Applied to American conditions in 2020, the presidential election might be the equivalent of Dr. Johnson’s fortnight if the Democrats win the presidency and take control of both chambers of Congress.  Unlike most previous national elections, this one culminates four years of Democrats ripping the mask off their ambitions and exposing them for what they really are: America’s willing executioners.   Brief summaries of the Democrats’ leftist cults, institutions, and agendas make this clear.  And the effect of cataclysm makes this terrifying.


The Cults.  Democratic leaders and much of their base have been gripped for the past half century by fanatical political movements and ideological trends that reek of totalitarianism.  The deadly trifecta of race, class, and gender usually discussed under the deceptively milquetoast label, “identity politics,” has expunged universalistic ideals of America’s founding and perpetrated aggressive, sometimes violent attacks against their political opponents.  

Progressive racialism is a cult; its proponents are incapable of discussing policy without first hurling accusations of racism against others, as a reflex action.  The same applies to gender (down with sexist patriarchism!) and class (rich must pay their “fair share”— supplying up to 90% of tax revenue apparently is too low).  Lawrence Olivier, narrator of the excellent World at War series, commented that Hitler wanted all Germans “to think of race as a matter of course.”   Democrats have achieved this goal on their own, without dictatorial mandates—not yet, anyway.

Perhaps the most powerful and preposterous cult is based on climate change, which its advocates insist rests on “science,” similar to Marx’s claim about his system as “scientific socialism.”  Climate cultists have divided the world into “believers” and “deniers,” the latter of which should be silenced and/or incarcerated, or worse.  No secular fantasy comes closer to this pagan religion than climatism, which surpasses many ancient cults for its fanaticism and sense of impending doom.


Institutions.  The principal institutional support for progressive cults is found in education, which may be regarded as the source or “mother of all swamps.”  News media and entertainment come next.  All three stand out because their denizens inhabit ideological “safety zones” mostly bereft of diverse views.  Further, they enjoy immunity from personal responsibility while mass-producing gibberish that no sane person would believe for a second.  Academics especially insist their goal is “inclusiveness.”  Stalin referred to pretty much the same thing as “building socialism.”

Institutional successes cannot be denied.  Narcissistic ignoramuses in the entertainment industry regularly call for Trump’s removal—and the elimination of his supporters by mass voluntary suicide, electorally, at least, but sometimes literally.  Most still have their jobs.  Indeed, 60 percent of Democrats blaming President Trump for coronavirus represents a media propaganda triumph of immense proportions, especially since the press is not officially controlled by the government.  Pravda editors in the old Soviet Union would be impressed.   The only thing that would astonish them is rooting for hostile powers that wish to destroy their country.  

Agendas.  Democrats’ agendas are occasionally in conflict, but some of the major ones find general agreement.  Expect the following to be enacted aggressively, by legislation, judicial fiat, or executive order.  The 1619 Project touted by The New York Times aims to annihilate any respect for America’s history and replace pride in country with pervasive shame and guilt.  Total transformation of the United States is much easier when its citizens are taught to despise their own heritage.  


A combination of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and open borders policy will be carried out with a vengeance, for the purpose of making it impossible ever to elect another Republican president, especially another Donald Trump.  The coasts and major urban areas will dominate; flyover country increasingly will be treated like occupied territory by a hostile foreign power.  Finally, any opposition to these agendas will be treated as “hate speech” and forcibly expunged.  Democrats do not want to “exterminate their enemies” as the Nazis and Communists did, but rather to render them impotent and servile.

Catastrophe as a Catalyst.  Here is the scariest part.  The Great War launched the careers of Mussolini, Lenin, and Hitler; World War II accelerated the victory of Mao’s Chinese communists.  Absent such catastrophes, these developments are almost inconceivable.  Which of course brings to mind the current plague, which, though not on the same scale, is being treated as a catastrophe, vastly expanding government powers. 

The question is, how will voters react in November?  Will COVID-19 concentrate the majority of voters’ minds by empowering tyranny?  The conditions for this outcome, though not completely analogous to 20th century catastrophes, are ominous.  Paul Johnson in Modern Times entitles a chapter, “Waiting for Hitler.”  America’s current menagerie of nincompoops and misogynists dominating the airwaves possesses neither the intelligence nor widespread appeal to fill that role.  What about others waiting in the wings, someone who has yet to catch national attention?


Let us hope and pray we never have to encounter that person.  

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