TSA Finally Does Something Good

Posted: Apr 20, 2014 12:01 AM
TSA Finally Does Something Good

“Sometimes there’s almost no one in regular lines and we’re all backed up at Pre-check.” -- Complaining traveler

At my age, I prefer to travel first or business class. I can afford it, and it feels good to spend my heirs’ inheritance.

One of the benefits lately is that the TSA has made a deal with the airlines to allow first and business class passengers and frequent flyers to use the “pre-check” TSA lines to expedite going through the terribly slow and inefficient security system at the airports. You don’t have to remove your shoes or your computer, and it’s much more streamlined.

TSA hopes that the experience will encourage more travelers to sign up to become “trusted” travelers. I’m not sure anyone would want to sign up and go through the process, which requires a “big brother” background check and a personal interview with a federal government agent, when they can get the service for free.

Now those who signed up for the TSA Pre-check are complaining about the interlopers.

Frankly, I think the solution is to allow all travelers to go through the simplified system. I just returned from a trip abroad and all the foreign airports have a simplified system, so why not adopt it in the good ol’ USA? It’s sad that the United States is becoming known as the most inefficient security system in the world.

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