Defend Our Prosperity, Vote Republican

Posted: Nov 06, 2018 12:01 AM
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Defend Our Prosperity, Vote Republican

Don’t forget what’s at stake when you cast your vote on Tuesday.

A new Washington Post poll reveals that economic confidence is its highest in nearly two decades. It’s not hard to see why. 

After years of disappointing growth, high employment, stagnant wages, and a depressed outlook on America’s economic future, our great industrial engine is roaring again. Opportunity for our workers and possibility for our entrepreneurs are again the order of the day. 

This is the economy we Americans expect for ourselves. It’s the kind of economy we want our children to inherit as they start their own careers. And it’s the kind of economy that could be in immediate jeopardy if Nancy Pelosi is allowed to retake her spot as Speaker of the House.

When Nancy Pelosi left the Speaker’s chair, in January of 2011, the unemployment rate was an appalling 9.1 percent, and for those lucky enough to still be working, raises weren’t in the cards. The country was entering a quarter with a basically non-existent 0.4 percent GDP growth, signalling to some that we were sliding into another recession. Consumer confidence was hovering around depths not seen since the late 1970s, when, in his infamous “malaise” speech, President Jimmy Carter decried the country’s “Crisis of Confidence.”

How unrecognizable — how foreign — that America seems to us in 2018. The Obama-era “new normal” of minimal economic growth is nothing but an unpleasant memory. We are on the verge of returning to what many economists told us we could never do again: attain 3 percent economic growth for a full year — and perhaps even 4 percent soon.

America added 250,000 jobs last month, soaring past expectations, bringing unemployment down to a mere 3.7 percent. The last time unemployment was that low, The Beatles were still together. It’s a bounty for every strata and section of America. Black unemployment is at an all-time low, as is Hispanic unemployment.

These aren’t minimum-wage service jobs we’re filling, either. Wage growth is sky high — the highest since the Great Recession. Buoyed by trade dealmaking that puts American workers first and domestic policies aimed at keeping high-paying industrial jobs in America, manufacturing is booming again. Factories are reopening. Those good jobs we were told would never come back in “our global economy” are doing just that.

America is working again. America is growing again — and the American people know it. The “crisis of confidence” is gone. Consumer confidence hasn’t been this high since the year 2000. Small business optimism just hit — you guessed it — an all-time high.

Try as they might, Democrats cannot pretend this is a coincidence. This is exactly what President Trump promised on the campaign trail. It’s exactly what he and the Republican Congress have made their number one priority from the day he took office last year. Every policy, from tax cuts and industrial revival to trade renegotiation and immigration enforcement, has been aimed at creating the economy we’ve now achieved.

There are still greater heights that we can reach from here, but not if we allow things to go right back to the way they were. Democrats in control of even one house of Congress could quickly spell disaster and a return to the “new normal.” 

The Democrats’ liberal fringe is champing at the bit to impose socialist policies that could smother this economic flame.

Nancy Pelosi, if she becomes Speaker again, could stop all the progress made to free this economy. She’s made clear time and again that she would rather use her newfound power to create a political circus and committee subpoenas to create political leverage instead of doing the hard work needed to work with President Trump and keep his economic revival in motion.

Don’t give her the chance. Don’t risk this prosperity. Don’t throw it all away in the voting booth. Vote Republican.

Mark Serrano is the president of ProActive Communications and a senior adviser to Donald J. Trump for President Inc.