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We have an unelected, unaccountable administrative state that sees itself as separate from, and above the people.  Now, it is intervening to make sure it gets a government that will be amenable to its rule.


The latest example of this is a stunning statement from former Fed monetary Vice Chair William Dudley. He was quoted in Bloomberg saying that the Fed should help defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election.

“Officials could state explicitly that the central bank won’t bail out an administration that keeps making bad choices on trade policy, making it abundantly clear that Trump will own the consequences of his actions,” Dudley said.

In other words, Dudley asserts that the central bank should do nothing to help the economy if it also helps Trump.  Where is America in this calculation?  Well, someone has to take a backseat to Dudley’s political positions, so it might as well be the financial well-being of the United States, right?  But there’s more.

“There’s even an argument that the election itself falls within the Fed’s purview,” Mr. Dudley said. “After all, Trump’s reelection arguably presents a threat to the U.S. and global economy, to the Fed’s independence and its ability to achieve its employment and inflation objectives. If the goal of monetary policy is to achieve the best long-term economic outcome, then Fed officials should consider how their decisions will affect the political outcome in 2020.”

Yes, you read that correctly.  Dudley just said that the Feds should join the Resistance.  Though Dudley left the Fed last year, his influence is still very strong.  His careless words should be a warning about the current state of an administrative state going awry. 


This is just the most recent example.  The IRS attacked the tea party movement leading up to the 2012 presidential election, in order to stunt the Republicans’ chances of winning.  We've seen it in the intelligence agencies at the highest levels, now clearly exposed as having worked to turn an election to the Democrats, and failing in that, worked to remove a duly elected president.  We've heard of the "resistance" within federal government agencies and seen undercover videos from James O'Keefe, exposing their actions to undermine the president.  And now, we have former members of the supposedly "independent" Federal Reserve, calling on the Federal Reserve to undermine the duly elected president in order to influence an election.  

Forget the Russians.  This is the real story, and it’s happening right under the noses of an apathetic media.

This is the very definition of the "deep state."  These are agencies, and individuals deeply embedded in our government, who are dedicated to the proposition that We the People are subservient to a ruling elite made up of technocrats.  There was a time when the idea of the "deep state" sounded like a wild-eyed conspiracy.  No longer.  The deep state is here, and it is working against the interests of a free and robust republic.

What is at stake is nothing less than the survival of the American experiment.  I will be called "radical" and "inflammatory" for saying this.  That's okay.  I was called "radical" and "inflammatory" for using the word "fascist" to describe the progressive left in America several years ago.  Yet today, we see thugs in black masks and clothing, beating people in the streets of Portland and other places, on behalf of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.


This is another warning.  

The administrative state, the Deep State, is here.  It is deeply entrenched in Washington, D.C. and in state capitols all over the country.  It is exceptionally dangerous.  It has a fundamental dislike and distrust for the average American citizen (at least if you disagree with them politically).  And it is happy to use its power, legally or otherwise, to crush dissent, influence elections and destroy representative government.  

We can wake up and stand against it, or we can kneel in submission. 

There is no middle ground.  

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