The Washington Post and the New York Times Jump the Race Shark

Posted: Sep 08, 2018 12:05 AM
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The Washington Post and the New York Times Jump the Race Shark

For the Washington Post and the New York Times, everything is always and only about race.  

WaPo writer Paul Waldman asks a big question about the upcoming mid-terms elections.  He believes – or, is at least spreading the fear-mongering rumor – that the Republicans are about to get their heads handed to them on a platter.  So, what will their strategy be?

To answer that question, he walks outside his office, finds actual members of the GOP, and asks them a series of probing questions.  Oops.  Strike that.  That would require actual journalism. To answer that, he relies on an article in the New York Times written by Jeremy W. Peters.  Peters writes that members of the Republican Party are “taking their cues from President Trump” by “embracing messages with explicit appeals to racial anxieties and resentment. The result is making racial and ethnic issues and conflicts central in the November elections in a way that’s far more explicit than the recent past.”

Wait, what?

Waldman goes ahead and clarifies in case you missed this subtle, nuanced point.  “Who could have imagined that the GOP would choose to campaign on racial resentment? Only anyone who has paid attention to Republican politics in the Trump era.”  He goes on to write that the conservative political strategy he calls “Trumpism” rests on “stirring up racial resentment among white voters,” xenophobia, and resentment towards minorities.

“When Trump starts the 2020 race at a disadvantage, which he most likely will, he’ll inevitably go to the well of white nationalism, just as he did before,” writes Waldman.  “And the rest of his party will follow.

I admit it. I don’t regularly read the New York Times or the Washington Post, but apparently they think the only reason anyone would vote Republican is because we’re racists, right?

Well, that’s news to me.  And I’m sure it’s news to the hard-working conservative Americans who placed him in office.

Here’s a thought experiment for those working at the so-called elite mainstream media.  How about our vote is due to the fact that we like a robust economy?  What if we really believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats?”Today, we have record low unemployment among African-Americans, Hispanics, women, and those without college degrees. We have record stock market growth. We have record consumer and business confidence. We have lower taxes allowing everyone to keep more of their hard-earned money. Those are the things most of us will be voting on in November. 

The Day the Electricity Died
Townhall.com Staff

Race? Sex? Sexual Preference? That’s definitely not what we’re thinking about when we are trying to put food on the table.  In fact, those are the types of things that are almost exclusively discussed on college campuses and MSM cocktail parties.

No, we have work to do out here in the real America.  We’ll leave the bigotry to the Washington Post and the New York Times. They definitely have those covered.

Here’s a tip to all MSM reporters: calling over half of the voting public racist didn’t work in 2016, and it will not work out in 2018. But, it certainly does an excellent job of promoting hatred in America.

Pssst: that’s the thing you pretend to see (and hate) in our president.  Maybe you should pick a different strategy -- one that doesn’t malign most Americans.