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Trump or DeSantis, one of these two will be the Republican nominee for President next year.  Others are in the race, but this is Koufax, Drysdale, and the bullpen.  Strange things can happen, of course, but in this circumstance, probably won’t.


The others first.  Vivek Ramaswamy says many good things, but he’s a rookie with no chance.  Mike Pence and Tim Scott are, by all accounts, nice people, but can they say “NO!” to evil and Leftist decadence, and resist “reaching out across the aisle” to compromise with it?  Compromise is certainly necessary sometimes, but never with evil.  50% evil is still evil.  A glass of milk half full of arsenic will still kill you.  I don’t mind “nice;” I do mind politicians who haven’t got the fortitude to tell wickedness to go plague another planet.

Nikki Haley lost whatever little hope she had when she kissed Disney’s backside.  Chris Christie will get fewer votes than half his weight.  Larry Elder seems to be a good man, but he is wasting money running for an office he will never obtain. No, barring a major currently unforeseen event, it will be Trump or DeSantis.  But updates, if necessary.

To the Left, in one sense, it doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate.  They will viciously, vehemently, and vociferously denounce whoever the GOP candidate is.  Any Republican will face this.  If the nominee were Jesus Christ, the Left would vilify Him, just like the Pharisees did, and for many of the same reasons—amoral elitists believe they should be the masters, they demand to rule, they insist others obey, and anybody who challenges them must be utterly obliterated.  Many of the followers of Jesus, down through the centuries, suffered the same fate He did, and still do. People who lust for power demand others submit to them, and if they ever get that power, they will persecute those who do not shut up and cower.  This is exactly what the Democratic Party is increasingly attempting by weaponizing the federal government, and it will get worse if they are given more control.  And they’ll try to fraudulently seize it if it is not legally granted to them by the people.


I’ve wandered some from my purpose here.  I want to describe the person who I wish to be the next President, the kind of individual I think the country needs.  Here is what I’m looking for, and I will be the first to admit that this class of politician is extremely rare nowadays.

I want a strong, principled conservative; by “principled” I mean somebody who truly believes it—walks the walk, not just talks the talk—and will not compromise for expediency’s sake.  I want a person who truly loves America, who believes in the eternal values and morals that the United States was founded upon, a decent person, a good person, a godly person, one whom I can point at and say to my children, “I want you to be like him (her).”  I want a President who isn’t foul-mouthed in public, who can artfully, yet forcefully, expose the failures in policy of his opponents, and do so clearly, but without being crude, insulting, caustic, or dishonest.  I’m looking for a person who positively enunciates pro-American policies, and also has solid moral character.  An exemplar in all respects.  

That is the sort of individual I want as President of the United States.  Am I asking for too much?

Honestly, Donald Trump doesn’t strike me as being overly endowed with some of the above qualities.  Joe Biden doesn’t have any of them.  I do believe Mr. Trump loves the country (after himself), and his stated policy goals would certainly benefit America.  But he does a marvelous mimic of an arrogant, bombastic, narcissistic person; and his moral character hasn’t inspired me, either.  But in that regard, he is no worse than any Democrat who would run, and again, Trump’s policies would be far superior.  I plan to support him if he is the Republican nominee.


Regarding Mr. DeSantis.  I don’t altogether know Ron DeSantis yet.  He has stood up against the despicable Disney.  He defends parents and children against the putrescent perverts who want to mutilate and sexualize kids.  He has condemned the open border (his Martha’s Vineyard ploy last year was brilliant).  Recently, the NAACP has attacked him, and that is indeed another plus in his favor.  But he hasn’t been wholly vetted yet, so I will wait for fuller revelations.  I don’t expect perfection from RDS or DJT.  But I do want quality character in my President.  “Be like him, son.”

Time will tell us what we need to know about Mr. DeSantis.  Let’s see how he does in the midst of the national pressure of a Presidential primary race.   We will find out who he is, more of what he believes, and whether he will crack under the microscopic examination of being in the national eye every day.  How will he respond to Mr. Trump’s assaults and insults?  What will he do when the liberal media, 24/7, throws lying stones at him?  Will he lay out a positive course for American prosperity to us?  These things will be the true test of the kind of man Ron DeSantis is.  Currently, I don’t know the answers.  I will make up my own mind, thank you.  I’m certainly not going to accept Donald Trump’s word, unless and until his accusations about DeSantis prove accurate.  If Trump goes all-out brutal on RDS, he might discover that people are sick of his mouth.  I know I am.


In this column, I’m not endorsing either man.   I want the best person in the White House, and I will watch and make my decision.  It won’t be any Democrat, that I know.  I may be disappointed in the candidates selected by both parties and vote for the “lesser of evils.”  It wouldn’t be the first time.

Let the games begin.

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