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My reference to “1984” in the title is not specifically to that year, but to George Orwell’s book of that name.  If you haven’t read it, you should (along with “Animal Farm”).  The mind-control by “Big Brother” is the aim of every totalitarian system, including the one the Democratic Party wishes to establish in America (more on that in a moment).  The election of 2024 might determine if the United States is headed towards a George Orwell-1984 type society.


Revolutions are complicated things.  A new government might be instituted in a day, but nearly always takes a while to solidify its hold on society.  Adolf Hitler came to power—legally—on January 30, 1933, but it took a few years, and several laws, before he was actually the dictator of Germany.  Ditto in Russia.  The Bolshevik takeover of the government took one night in 1917, but Lenin and the communists weren’t secure until their victory in the civil war in 1921.  Some revolutions might happen overnight; most take time to settle.  The Democratic Party’s “revolution” in America has been going on for a while, but has certainly accelerated in the last decade.  If they win the Presidency in 2024 (regardless of who the candidate is), and if they capture both Houses of Congress, they will be in a position to pass any laws they wish to solidify their power indefinitely.  Here are a few things they will probably try to do:

1.  Control speech.  Colorado Senator Michael Bennet has just introduced a bill into that chamber which would create a federal agency to police Americans for “misinformation” and “hate speech.”  It will not become law now (I hope), but it is what the Democrats lust for—Big Brother to control what you say.  The new “federal agency” would determine what constitutes “misinformation” and “hate speech,” and no doubt, anything a conservative said would fall into one of those categories.  Kiss the First Amendment and free speech good-bye.  Right out of Orwell’s book.  This is frightening, but it is what the Democrats want to do.


2.  Pack the Supreme Court.  This has also come up again recently.  I forget where I heard it, but some Democrat has expressed the desire again to put four more justices on the Court.  The Democratic President would nominate them, and the Democratic Senate would confirm them.  Again, they can’t do this now, because it would take both Houses of Congress to enact such a court-packing scheme and (hopefully) the Republican House would nix the idea.  But if the Democrats win the Presidency and both Houses next year, the Supreme Court is the only branch of government they wouldn’t control.  And, by dominating both Houses and the Presidency, they would be able to put the extra justices on the Supreme Court which they desire.  Then all three branches of the federal government would be in their hands.  And they could do just about anything else they wanted to do.  Such as...

3.  Abolish the Electoral College.  This idea has been floating around for a few years as well.  That nasty, outdated Electoral College that periodically elects Republicans to the Presidency even though they lose the popular vote has got to go.  Get rid of that antiquated system and have a straight popular vote election.  That would suit the Democrats nicely, of course, because the Republicans have only won the national popular vote in Presidential elections once since 1988.  George W. Bush got more votes than John Kerry in 2004.  Otherwise, in the last 8 elections, the Democrats have won the popular vote each time, including 2000 and 2016 when the Electoral College vote went to Republicans.  It is easy to see why the Democrats want a strict popular vote Presidential election.  Those pesky Founding Fathers have retarded their revolution.  Given a Democratic Party sweep in 2024, look for a removal of the Electoral College.  The Democrats will win the Presidency for eternity, especially when they do the following:


4.  Amnesty.  Give citizenship to the 25-30 million people illegally in the country, and thus the right to vote.  Who do you think most of them will vote for?  One man, one vote, the Democrats win consistently as far into the future as foreseeable.  That’s a major purpose of the open border in the first place.

5.  Nationalize climate change.  Big Industry will be on board with this, it doesn’t matter what the climate actually does.  The Democrats are committed to pouring trillions of dollars into this, or more accurately, extracting trillions of dollars from American taxpayers, to pay for their “green agenda.”  Oil and natural gas will become increasingly irrelevant.  All Americans, within a few years, will be required to buy only electric cars.  Greater efforts to change Americans’ diets, etc., in harmony with the greenies’ wishes, will be introduced, and probably enacted.  Bill Gates will continue to eat meat, but you won’t be allowed to.  It will take a while to get people to eat bugs and fake meat, but climate change is about nothing but making you submit.  Big Brother.  Read Orwell to find out what happens to those who disobey.  Or, more appropriately, read the history of Hitler’s Germany, Lenin and Stalin’s USSR, Castro’s Cuba, Mao and Xi’s China, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, Kim's North Korea, and other communist utopias.  Truth is often as accurate as fiction.


The 2024 election is critical.  We have seen, just in the last three years, much of what the Left plans for America.  The Republicans have been able to limit some of it, but if the Democrats win the White House and both Congressional chambers next year, there will be no hindering what federal laws they could pass.  I mentioned only a few above.  Such laws will be multiplied, and red states will be crushed.  The Democratic Party’s fascist, 1984 revolution will be accelerated.  There will be nothing to stop it.  

2028 or 1984?  Which will come first?

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