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Bud Light, Lenin, and Marx, Part Three

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Ronald Reagan described a communist as a person who reads Karl Marx and an anti-communist as a person who understands Karl Marx.  Words of wisdom, indeed.

Let me share some more thoughts from Marx the Madman.


6. “We have no compassion, and we ask no compassion from you.  When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”  Yes, that is precisely what communism is and does.  No compassion.  Terror.  No excuses for utter inhumanity.  Lenin said “terror” must come.  It is obvious who he got that from.  That’s the Left.  Do you think they are/will be different in America?

7. “The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.”  There will be no peace until everyone accepts socialism.  This is a war to the death for these people.  It is what they believe in; they believe in nothing else, and they demand you believe it, too.  And if you don’t, they will kill you.  As long as you oppose socialism—or until they are crushed—you can expect increased violence, aggression, and societal conflict in America.  The Democrats are committed socialists, and there will be only war until you are, too.  That’s what Marx said.  And then, when socialism wins, as evidenced by the 20th century and current socialist states, there will be no freedom, only oppression, and death.  No peace until you submit and obey.  Do you want freedom?  Forget it.  Communism destroys freedom and demands total submission.  And the government will always be necessary to achieve that.  The idea that the government will someday “disappear” is the biggest lie in Marxism. 


8. “The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.”  Marx really said all this stuff, folks, but you don’t know it because your Leftist, Marxist teachers—which has been nearly all of them in the American education system the last generation or so—didn’t (and don’t) want you to know what he (and they) really believed. If you are religious, you can’t be happy.  Clearly, the lives of countless millions of people are a direct refutation of that, but facts NEVER matter to the Left.  Indeed, it is evident that Leftist, non-religious individuals are the ones who are most miserable, desperately searching for meaning in life, using drugs, exploring dark depravity, and killing other people and themselves.  But if you are religious, you are unhappy, even if you don’t know it.  Marx said so.

9. “A heavy or progressive or graduated income tax is necessary for the proper development of Communism.”  America accepted this premise of Marxism over 100 years ago, and we are a long way from backtracking.  The first step to a return to true personal freedom in America would be the abolition of the IRS and the graduated income tax.  But—surprise!—the Leftist Democrats want MORE IRS agents to terrorize Americans.  Republicans are clueless, of course.

10. “Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it, therefore, acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”  Yep, exactly.  Atheism means no eternal truths and believes all religions should be abolished.  And wherever they’ve gotten power, that is precisely what they tried to do (and are trying to do in China).  All morality is subjective, defined by the Communist Party, and subject to change as circumstances dictate.  Whatever is suitable for the Party, for the ultimate advancement to “true communism”—lying, murder, theft, etc.—is “moral.”  That is the standard of morality in communism.  And in the Democratic Party.  Indeed, as Marx said, this is a rejection of all historical precedent and wisdom.


11. “The Jews of Poland are the smartest of all races.”  Just in case you didn’t know, Marx was a rabid racist.  As, of course, are Democrats.  But, they buy and lie about their ability to hide it.

12. “Democracy is the road to socialism.”  Ponder that one for a while.  Equal political rights demand equal economic outcomes (according to Marxism).  Egalitarianism is the underlying premise of both democracy and socialism.   Marx knew what he was talking about here.

13. “As socialism grows, religion will disappear.  Its disappearance must be done by social development, in which education must play a part.”  Again, the destruction of religion is paramount in a Marxist system, and we see such in all socialist countries.  This is the current path of the Democratic Party.  The transgender kills, and the dead Christians are blamed (and good riddance to them).  A very good Marxist, Democrats hate religion.  The true God interferes with their lust to be gods.  America MUST wake up to this.  Note again that “education” plays a major role in the destruction of religion.  And the American education system has been in the hands of these radicals for a long time now.  That is why so many little Johnnys and Suzys after they go through 12 or 16 years of the American education system, come out rejecting God, Christianity, capitalism, and America.  We gave our country to these hate-filled revolutionaries, or maybe they just stole it out from under us while we slept.  Either way, we are now seeing the fruits of generations of Marxist thought being taught in the United States.  


14. “The last capitalist we hang shall be the one who sold us the rope.”  No, Mr. Democratic Party Marxist.  Not if we can protect our 2nd Amendment rights.  But it should be pretty plain to any half-wit why the Left wants our guns.  No guns; we can’t shoot back.  They can and will hang us all.  With our own ropes.  

Marx and Lenin told us precisely what they believed and exactly what they intended to do.  Leftist organizations like Anheuser-Busch, Disney, Nike, and the Democratic Party are simply following Marxism’s marching orders.  The war is on.  We are smack in the middle of it right now.  The sad thing is so many Americans are still sleeping through it.

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