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On August 28, 1963, almost 60 years ago, Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke these famous words:  "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”


I agree with that sentiment 100%.  As far as I have been able to determine, 99.999+ percent of conservative Americans also agree with it.

But it is also apparent that about -0.000 percent of Democrats do.  The color of a person’s skin, or what they have (or don’t have) between their legs, or who they want to go to bed with has become their standard of judgment.  And if you are the wrong color, gender, or sexually preferenced, you’d better do obeisance to their gods, or you will be excluded from their sanctimonious, socialist sacraments.

Judging people not by the “color of the skin” but by “the content of their character.”  Democrats, in 60 years—more like 250—haven’t reached that point yet.

I do not care what color a person’s skin is or what gender they are.  People have no choice in these matters.  Moral issues are different because they do exist choices in that arena.  More on that later.  My point here is, I want all people to succeed and live a prosperous, happy, well-blessed life, minding their own business and respecting others.  Further, after over half a century of living, and almost as long studying history, I am convinced that “success”—at least for honest, decent people—comes at the end of a long, weary, difficult, winding road called “Hard Work.”  It requires effort, sacrifice, honesty, and integrity.  But everybody can do those things and, if they do, they will almost surely have “success.”  Yes, it is more difficult and challenging for some than for others.  Also, “success” doesn’t mean we will all be as rich as Elon Musk or as famous as Lady Googoo.  That won’t happen to most of us.  But, with the proper character, morality, and effort, everyone can find a measure of satisfaction in their lives, provide for themselves and their families, and be a positive, enlightened influence on other people and society in general.  


This doesn’t deny that we all need a helping hand sometimes.  I am grateful to my parents and many friends who often assisted me in my journey along life’s way.  And I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without them.  No man is an island, and no one lives in a vacuum.

But I will insist, to my dying day, that I am what I am because of the choices I made.  I accept full responsibility for them and their consequences.  And, by the grace of God and my own hard work, I have had a pretty good life.  And because I’m not a member of the Democratic Party, when somebody knocked me down, I got up and fought back.  I didn’t lie on the ground, point my finger, and bawl like a baby, shouting “unfair!”

There are exceptions to this “success” rule, of course.  Very few absolutes exist.  There are thieves and liars and cheats who make it to the top.  Political parties around the world, as well as large corporations, abound with such scoundrels.  I can’t do very much about that.  But, I do know one thing:  if you are a decent human being and have a conscience, if you care how you treat other people if you have some pride in yourself and some self-esteem if you travel the road of Hard Work, then the chances are overwhelming that you’ll arrive at a destination called “Success.”  And to everybody who is not a member of the Democratic Party today, that “success” comes, not because of gender or skin color or sexual preference, but because of the content of their character.

But there is no political power in that, thus the Democratic Party rejects it whole-heartedly.  And there is nothing the Democrats have done that is more despicable, reprehensible, vile, and society-destroying than convince a huge segment of Americans—mostly minorities—that they cannot succeed in this country by their own efforts, that the deck is stacked against them because of their race, and that they must have the help of the Democrats (and government) if they are ever going to find “success.”  This is horrible and revolting, a return to slavery.  There is no excuse for it, and I have absolutely no respect for anyone who would propagate such a hideous falsehood.  The Democrats want Americans to believe that only white people have opportunities and that such is “unfair.”  No, what isn’t fair is to cheat a whole populace of people of their chance at success by a blatant, repulsive lie.  The Democratic Party wants black people (and others in their coalition) to believe that the color of their skin (or gender), not the content of their character, is what determines their success, or more accurately, is what hinders them from being as successful as “white supremacists.”  And as long as blacks, women, etc. believe that, they WILL not be as successful as they could be—for the simple reason that they will not maximize their abilities and practice the virtues necessary to succeed.  They sit and whine and scream “unfair” and continue to vote for the very people who are most responsible for their lack of achievement.  


The Democratic Party is the evilest institution on this earth, worse than even the Chinese Communist Party.  The CCP may not know better; the Democrats do because all of American history is behind them.

If you are a black American (or a woman), I urge you to come to the Republican Party.  There you will be judged, not by your race or gender, but by the content of your character.  If you are willing to hold up your end of the deal, we will accept you 100%.  If you want to whimper and sob and fail, stick with the Democrats.

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