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The latest I have read from Thailand is that former President Donald Trump will be indicted on Wednesday and then will be asked to voluntarily surrender for arraignment next week.  Matters could change, but that is where the saga apparently stands right now.   The whole thing is a farce, of course, an attempt by the Left to find something, anything, to punish the man they hate more than any other creature, save God Himself.  Will the American people accept this gross miscarriage of justice—or rather, politics masquerading under the name of “justice”?   A few thoughts.


1.  I have been convinced, ever since the Bragg indictment was publicized as a possibility, that it was going to happen.  The Democrats weren’t about to announce it and then not do it.  But it is crucial for all Americans to realize that this indictment has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with political power.   Everything the Left (Democratic Party) does now is political, designed to enhance its power.  Their lust for it is the greatest reality in modern American politics.  Donald Trump is still perceived as their greatest threat to controlling America, and so he must be removed in any manner possible. They tried to use the January 6 Capitol disturbance to destroy him, but that hasn’t worked; he is still on the trail, drawing huge, cheering crowds of supporters.  So, now, the attempt is to obliterate him by legal means, indict him, arrest him, humiliate him, throw him in jail if possible, maybe get some kind of charge against him that will finally remove him as a political danger.   Chances are this attempt won’t work, either, but they must try everything.  But never forget.  This is about power and control to the Democratic Party.  It has nothing to do with justice.  They don’t believe in that word.


2.  The reaction of the American people to Mr. Trump’s indictment will be interesting.   I fully confess I may be wrong here, but I don’t think it is going to be decisive in Trump’s favor.  Elon Musk (and others) have opined that, if this arrest takes place, it will guarantee Mr. Trump’s electoral victory next year.   Umm, not so much.  Half the country hates Donald Trump and would love to see him incarcerated.  Half the country loves him and will be incensed by the New York AG’s actions.  There aren’t many “neutral” people left in the country, not when it comes to Donald Trump.   There will be the more honest-minded folks who will realize this is a serious breach of justice.  But whether this will switch huge numbers of anti-Trump votes in 2024 is problematic.  The indictment will change absolutely no hate-Trump votes.  Mr. Trump, whether we like it or not, is indeed a very divisive element in the United States right now; it is kind of hard to imagine anybody saying, “you know, I really haven’t made up my mind about Donald Trump yet.”  You love him or hate him, and I can’t see his indictment amending that.  It is also possible that it might cause some people who are increasingly tired of Trump to say, “Why don’t you finally just go away and leave us alone?  We are weary of your antics, Mr. Trump.”  That element probably exists as well.


But, maybe…massive numbers of Americans will finally say, “This is too much.  The Democrats have gone too far.  Off with their heads.”  Maybe.   I won’t believe it till I see it, however.

3.  What should Mr. Trump do?  If indicted Wednesday and asked to turn himself in next week, then turn himself in is exactly what he should do.  He can, and should, proclaim to the heavens the injustice of all of it, defend himself, declare his innocence, verbally attack his enemies, in other words, put together a strong defense—legally, morally, and publicly.  Do not give an inch to the corruption and injustice the Democrats are trying to perpetuate.  But, do NOT call for protests (again), Mr. Trump, please.   That is just fodder for the Democrats, and they will use it.  “He is trying to incite Americans to violence!”  Don’t give them that opportunity.  YOU protest, Mr. Trump, refrain from asking others to do it on your behalf.  Trump must show himself to be better than his enemies.

We have a justice system in America.  It isn’t perfect, and indeed, it is becoming increasingly imperfect as the Left is using it, as in this case, as a weapon against their opponents.  But it is still our system and Mr. Trump, as an American citizen, should submit to it and let it work.  As farcical as his indictment is, if it is “legally” processed, he must obey.  Again—hopefully—this will indeed show more and more Americans exactly what the Left is trying to do to our justice system.  Conservative pundits do need to shout “banana republic!” at the top of our voices, and often.  Americans must hear it, and perhaps enough will finally wake up to what is really happening.  Maybe, just maybe, this will be the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back” and the backlash will be a singular event that blows up in the Democrats’ faces.  But Mr. Trump needs to submit to the law; if he tries to break it in any way, he will be no better than his attackers.  “America First” means fighting the enemies who are trying to destroy her system, not fighting the system itself.


My main hope is that Mr. Trump will show himself far superior to those persecuting him.  He needs to rise above their pettiness and demonstrate that he is the better person.  That is what America needs to see from Donald Trump, if he ever wants to be president again.   If he wallows in the mire with the pigs, he’ll never win the American people’s support.

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