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It’s Time to Swarm

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Like Rip van Winkle, American patriots and those who believe in Judeo-Christian moral values, the family, wholesome entertainment, etc. are just now awakening from a 60 or so year sleep.  And the country has certainly changed, horribly, in the interim.  We must do something, of course, besides wring our hands.  This column provides a small solution we all, young and old, can participate in.


The LGBTQ+ ad infinitum movement has swept the country (and most of Western Civilization).  It is everywhere, and aggressive.  And while most of us don’t care what a person does in their bedroom (you’ll answer to God for it, not us), we don’t appreciate their in-your-face attitude that demands, not just tolerance, but celebration, access to our children, our sports, our language—everything must bend to their will or WE are the bigots.   That is going too far.  Live your perverted life if you want to, but leave the rest of us alone.  But they won’t do that.  Tragically, many people, including corporations, have caved.  We are waking up now, and hopefully it isn’t too late.   

The “Human Rights Campaign” (HRC) is the largest LGBTQ+ organization in America.  They have what they call a “Corporate Equity Index,” which for the last couple of decades (while we snoozed) has been very successful in driving American corporations into accepting and supporting their goals and lifestyle.  As a result, and with little opposition from the Right, many corporations give huge grants to homosexual or trans organizations, sponsor “pride” parades or some obnoxious gender-bender media propaganda.  And too many Americans are still yawning, scratching their bellies, and not yet fully awake.


In their “Corporate Equality Index,” the HRC gives companies a “grade” of zero to 100 based on how fully they submit to the HRC’s agenda.  The pressure on American corporations continues to mount, and they will “lose points” if they ever oppose any of the increasingly-radicalized program of the HRC.   If we want to start fighting back, we need to know who these companies are.  Below is a list of corporations, etc., who received a 100 percent pro-LGBTQ+ grade in 2022.  Get busy, America.  Write to these companies.  Boycott them.   Let others know.  If we hit these corporations in their pocketbooks—the only thing they really understand—they will start listening to decency.  

This isn’t a complete list, but chances are most readers buy/patronize one, or several, of them:






American Airlines



Del Monte Foods

Farmers Insurance


General Mills

H&R Block

Hershey Co.



Johnson & Johnson




Land O’Lakes

Liberty Mutual


Mars, Inc.

Mattel, Inc.


Nestle’ USA                                                                                                                


Office Depot

Papa Johns

PepsiCo, Inc.

Proctor & Gamble

Shell Oil



State Farm








That’s not all of them—add to the list if you know of others.  The above are certainly among the most famous, and most oft patronized.  Just about all my favorites are on there, of course, and maybe yours, too.  There is probably no way we can be 100 percent consistent in boycotting or opposing every “woke” corporation; we have to survive and feed our children.  But if enough of us put pressure on these groups, they will have to start listening to us.  If emails and letters begin arriving on CEO desks in huge numbers, and enough of us start eating and buying our goods at non-woke restaurants, food stores, etc.—and letting the “woke” corporations know we are doing it—we might proceed to turn this around.

The first step, however, is education—“know thy enemy.”  The list above is a good beginning.  Telling these companies our opinion of their “woke” contributions to the destruction of America is something all of us can do.   Let’s all get to work saving America.   Some time and sacrifice are necessary.

It’s time to swarm, conservatives, swarm…


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