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The Democrats’ New ‘Submission of Allegiance’

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When I was growing up and going to public schools, every morning, first thing, we students would all stand up, put our hands over our hearts, face the American flag, and recite the “Pledge of Allegiance."  I honestly don’t know if children still do that in the United States, and the fact that I honestly don’t know is, I believe, quite telling.


But it doesn’t matter.  The Democratic Party will probably have a new “pledge” for us soon. I suspect it will go something like this:  

“I submit allegiance to the multi-colored flag of the Socialist States of America.  And to the socialism for which it stands, multi-national, under Marx and Darwin, racially and morally divided, with liberty and social justice for those to whom our wonderful government masters deem to give them.”  

Let’s analyze this new “Submission of Allegiance.”  It might even be wise to begin teaching it to our children.

1.  “I submit allegiance.”  You won’t have to “pledge” allegiance to this new country.  They won’t care if you voluntarily obey or not, only that you submit and do what you are told.  They will force you to do that, so no need to make a “pledge.”

2.  “To the multi-colored flag.”  The red, white, and blue will have to go.  We need to add all the colors of the spectrum to make sure we don’t omit anybody.   330+ million-colored flag.  Choose one that fits you.

3.  “Of the Socialist States of America.”  Russia, under communism, was the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.”  Our leaders will be more honest.  We won’t be voluntarily united or have a republic any more, but we will have socialism, so we might as well put that in the “Submission.”  People need to bow to socialism, so it needs to come out of every mouth.


4.  “And to the socialism for which it stands.”  Again, the flag will not represent unity, republicanism, or freedom any more, but only the totalitarian system that will be in existence.  So, it won’t stand for America, but for the world-wide, globalist, socialist revolution that Lenin began to inaugurate over 100 years ago.  Funny how we thought we won the Cold War. 

5.  “Multi-national.”  There is already a “black” national anthem.  How long will it be before Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Muslim-Americans, Native Americans, Congo-Americans, ad infinitum, will want one, too?   That will make the anthem-playing before football games very lengthy indeed, probably longer than the boring, drawn-out games already are.

6.  “Under Marx and Darwin.”  These two men have been the most influential humans in the last 150+ years.  They dominate the world now.  Marx’s economic theories are ever-increasingly, not decreasingly, popular, and Darwin’s pseudo-scientific nonsense has booted God off the planet and created a morally relativistic world where pagan, earth-worshipping human elites now make the rules.  And you had better obey.  Might as well acknowledge, in our new “Submission of Allegiance,” the influence of these two scumbags.


7.  “Racially and morally divided.”  Not “indivisible” any more; listening to any Joe Biden speech will clearly tell you that.   “Divide and conquer” has always been a good program, and the Democratic Party believes in it 100 percent.  The more division a country has, the more government force is needed to keep it glued together. 

 8.  “With liberty and social justice for those to whom our wonderful government masters deem to give them.”  In the old America, freedom came from God.  It was something we were born with, and government existed to protect these natural-born rights, not give them to us.  Thus, government power was limited.  It won’t be that way under the Democrats’ new socialist, totalitarian system.   Government will exist to GIVE us the rights we have.  And, of course, anything government gives, it can take away.  As long as we are like sheep, as the Europeans have become, benevolent Big Brother will take care of us and let us live our lives in whatever prescribed manner is dictated from on high.  The “criminals” will be freedom-lovers who oppose this system.   They will be starved, shot, or sent to the gulag, concentration camp, or labor camp, and maybe even forcefully have their internal organs removed if somebody else needs them more.  There will be high-altitude balloons everywhere, watching us, making sure we remain “free” by submitting to our masters.   And, yes, our children will learn how “wonderful” these people are, for providing for us, taking care of us, and defending us against those bigoted, religious, hate-mongers who want to destroy the beautiful utopia our overseers have created for us.  


This is Orwell’s 1984 all over again, of course.  He wrote that book in 1949.  It’s kind of frightening, isn’t it, how accurate he was. 

I wish I was being facetious or satirical in this column, but I’m not.  Every one of the points in my proposed “Submission of Allegiance” is clearly visible, at least in gestation, in America today, and is the direction the Democratic Party is determined to take the country.  They can’t hide it, they can only lie about it, and hope they can fool enough people until they can fully implement it.  The sad thing is, many countries (Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, etc.) that effected such a system had a brutal and costly civil war before they were successful.  And then, after they were victorious in that war, the socialist tyrants continued to kill millions who opposed their ruthless, authoritarian regime.  History can be fearsome.

Maybe Americans, like modern-day Europeans, will go quietly to their doom, wistfully and ignorantly, like sheep led to the slaughter.  Half of our country is already there.  Submission is always easier than freedom.

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