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The Ballooning Chinese Racial Hubris

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That Biden made a mess of the Chinese spy balloon matter is not news.  Indeed, if it weren’t so serious, the whole incident would really be kind of humorous, at least the Chinese reaction to it.  “How dare you shoot down our balloon while we are spying on you and stealing stuff from you!  Who do you think you are?”  The CCP claims the right to “take further actions” (send more balloons?), and insists that America’s response was an “obvious overreaction and a serious violation of international practice.”  For how long “international practice” has allowed one country to fly spy balloons over the sovereign air space of another country the Chinese don’t say.  But the CCP doesn’t care one whit about any “international” protocols.  Further, “China will resolutely uphold the relevant company’s legitimate rights and interests”—its legitimate right to send spy balloons over another country.  Like I said, if this wasn’t so serious, it would appear utter buffoonery.


But this is China.  Nothing China does is buffoonery.  It all has a purpose—the ultimate domination, by China, of the entire world.  Well, it’s in the Communist Manifesto, and it’s also in the Chinese racist psyche.

Unless you’ve lived in China and studied that country for decades (as I did and have), these people are hard to understand.  But, to me, what they did, and are now saying, is perfectly comprehensible.  A lot of it is just bully talk now, because China, currently, is limited in what it can practically do.  But there is rationale behind their bombast, and it comes from the Chinese innate belief in their own racial superiority.  They truly believe in it.

The idea of racism is not just that you treat people differently on the basis of their skin color, but that you believe that your race is genuinely superior to others.  Democrats demand that people be handled differently because of race; there is an obvious implication of inferiority in that, i.e., some races need “special treatment” to be “equal” to others.  But, to Democrats, there is also a strong element of politics involved.  They need black votes or they won’t win anything.  So, they buy votes (of minorities and women) by classifying them differently, giving them special favors, and screaming “racism” or “sexism” when anyone disagrees with them.  It is coalition-building to Democrats so that they can gain and hold power.  They have been very good at it for a long time.  Nobody was better than Franklin Roosevelt at doing it, which is why he was elected President four times even though most of his policies were utter failures.  


But the Chinese truly believe they are superior to other peoples and races, that, because of that god-like superiority, they have a right to rule and dominate, and thus how dare America protest when China tries to steal vital data from us.  This is hubris to the nth degree.  My next point is incredibly important, folks, so please read carefully:  the Chinese think of EVERYBODY else in the world the way American Leftist elites think of you.  The Chinese don't like anybody, and especially Americans.  And Leftist Americans are just as inferior to them as every other peoples on earth, useful idiots, who genuinely are too idiotic to see what China really is.  You and I are peasant scum to the American Left.  EVERYBODY (including American Leftists) is peasant scum to the Chinese elites.  That point cannot be overemphasized.

So, when American Leftist Elite Joe Biden, who thinks of you as a deplorable nitwit, has the audacity to shoot down a Chinese spy balloon over the United States, the Chinese are incensed and demand retribution.  They are superior to you, so they have a right to whatever you have that they want.  I lived that.  Let me give you a quick account of one event that happened to me there.

In October, 2020, I went to work for a Chinese man in a northern Chinese city.  He immediately began cheating and stealing money from me.  I warned him to stop, but he kept doing it, and since we were in the middle of a semester, I really wasn’t in a position to do much.  He persisted in his actions, and even had the audacity to tell me he was going to CONTINUE doing it.  He flat told me he was going to keep stealing money from me.  I was his “hairy foreign devil” employee, everything I had came from and thus belonged to him, so he was going to take what he wanted from me.  And I was to submit.  Well, I didn’t.  I resigned.  Given the horrible situation of foreigners working in China, I couldn’t get another job unless he “released” me from his job, but he illegally demanded more money from me before he would let me go.  He had all the leverage.  The new company I was going to work for wouldn’t help me, so I was forced to give him more money just to get away from him.  I eventually sued him and am waiting now for the verdict of the court.  The new company I went to work for proved to also be liars, cheats, and thieves, so that was enough.  I left China last summer and came to Thailand.  I’ll never go back to the “Middle Kingdom”.


That’s China elitism, folks.  There are nice people in China, but they all grow up being taught this innate sense of their own superiority.  And so, while some of China’s response to the destruction of their spy balloon is face-saving bombastic cow manure, there is also an element of “how dare you, you inferior insects!”  

I don’t know how many people in Washington really understand China and what the CCP is trying to do.  But nothing evil they do surprises me one bit.

I lived it.

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