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The Confuser-in-Chief

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Joe Biden, 2022: Sending tanks to Ukraine would be "World War III"

Joe Biden, 2023: Sending tanks to Ukraine

It would be hard to imagine a man more confused than Joe Biden. He appears to have no clue what he is saying or doing from week to week, and apparently, nobody advising him does, either. There are a lot of confused people on earth, of course, but Biden is the President of the United States, and one of the most important men on this planet. His office requires clarity of thought and purpose, distinct, worthwhile goals, a vision for the future, and a knowledge of how to get there. Confusion and inconsistency are the last things needed in the President of America. What kind of a message does such obfuscation send to his people and the rest of mankind? Well, it sends a message that Joe Biden has no idea what he is doing, and, given his job, that makes him a most dangerous man. And it makes America very vulnerable.


What, exactly, is America’s purpose in Ukraine? Is it to drive Vladimir Putin’s soldiers out of that country? If so, do we have any plan to accomplish that? And what, exactly, is that plan? Is it to just send money and tanks and military equipment and hope for the best? Is that any way to run a proxy war? And, not to be ugly or insensitive, but would it be earth-shattering if Russia conquers Ukraine (it wouldn’t be the first time in history that happened)? But what vital interest of the United States will be threatened if, sadly, Russia does overrun Ukraine? Russia dominated Ukraine for much of the past 250 years, and America didn’t fall apart because of it. If we are going to start trying to push people out of places they don’t belong, why aren’t we helping Tibet against China? Are we sending billions to help the Oromo Liberation Front in Ethiopia, or the Mozambique government against the Islamist separatists there (who knows, maybe we are)? There are wars all over the world, why only help Ukraine? When you start arguing that Country A ought to stay within its boundaries and not invade Country B, and if A does invade B, America is going to help B…where does that principle end? What says we give the American West back to the Indians as most Democrats would probably like for us to do? Or at least give Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California back to Mexico (they can have California for all I care).  

Why Ukraine? Again I ask, what vital interest of the United States is at stake that will dilute us if the Russian bully slices off some, or all, of that country? I’m at a loss to say what it is. And I haven’t heard Joe Biden explain it, either.  


“But we must show bully countries, like Russia and China, that America won’t stand for such invasions as these. The Chinese know now that we will help Taiwan if China attacks our friend.” I’m sorry, but that is high-cholesterol pig slop; we don’t need to spend over $100 billion in Ukraine to prove to the Chinese we’ll defend our national interests. At least Taiwan has the decency to be a democracy; Volodymyr Zelensky is as much of a thug dictator running an authoritarian state as Vladimir Putin. Why help Godzilla defeat King Kong? If the situation had been reversed, and Ukraine had invaded Russia, would we be sending uncountable billions to Putin to assist him? I don’t need to answer that question, do I?

So, Ukraine is our friend that’s worth $113 billion of American taxpayer money (so far) and tanks to save? Since when? Joe and Hunter may have some friends in Ukraine, but I don’t know anybody there, and, as an American, I don’t know one service that country provides for me. Why is Ukraine’s border worth so much of my money, but my border in Texas isn’t?

I get it that Vladimir Putin is the south end of a northbound Appaloosa, that he should not have invaded Ukraine, and I hope he gets his butt kicked out of there. But I also am a historian, and what Putin did (and is doing) has happened more times down through the ages than any human can count, and that leaders in America must have the wisdom to know what is best for the American people, that our resources are limited (at least mine are), and that, sadly, we can’t save the world twice every century, and especially not every little podunk country that is attacked by somebody our President doesn’t like. Joe Biden simply doesn’t have the necessary wisdom to be President, which is why he is wasting your money and mine on a valueless venture in a country halfway across the world that most of us have never been to, will never go to, and probably wouldn’t go to even if we had the opportunity.  


Why, Joe? Why Ukraine?

Confused. Yeah, I’m confused, but I’m confused because the Confuser-in-Chief won't answer these questions and un-confuse me. And he won’t answer them because he doesn’t know the answers, either.

I bet Xi Jinping is having the time of his life watching America waste money and military resources in Ukraine. That’s money and supplies America won’t be able to send to Taiwan if Xi decides to invade. Folks, Russia is not America’s greatest enemy. China is. There are 29 NATO countries in Europe. That doesn’t even count the United States. Does Biden honestly think there is a snowball’s chance Vladimir Putin will invade Europe? For crying out loud, his armies, in almost a year, haven’t even been able to defeat Ukraine, how is he going to defeat the 29 combined European NATO nations? Is Biden this obtuse?

Yeah, I’m afraid he is. And Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and well over half the Congress of the United States as well.  

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