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First of all, I’m not going to grant that the Republicans "lost” the November 8 elections. They didn’t win as much as they wanted to, but, in this writing, they still have a strong chance to take over the House of Representatives and an equal chance to gain a majority in the Senate. It may all come down to Georgia. Again. As it did in 2020. If Laxalt wins in Nevada and Masters loses in Arizona (as is happening right now), then the runoff in Georgia will decide the Senate.  


So, this may not end up being as big a disaster as we first thought. It may end up being somewhat positive, though it wasn’t nearly as good as we wanted.

Many reasons are being floated around, and this will continue for some time, for why the Republicans didn’t do as well as they expected. Trump is being blamed, the media is at fault because they are blocking the Republicans’ message, Republican leadership did a poor job of managing the process, etc. All of these are possible explanations, in part, but none of them are the full reason. It could be that expectations were simply too high in this country at this point in its history.

May I toot my own horn just a bit? I predicted, about a week ago, that the Republicans would win 51, no more than 52, Senate seats, and that even a 50-50 split was possible. Now I’ll crash and burn. I said I thought they would get a 20 to 30 seat gain in the House, and that doesn’t appear, at this writing, to be anywhere close. But I always believed that the 53-55 Senate seat picture was a bit too rosy.

Like everybody else, I got some right and I got some wrong. But I have a bit of a different perspective as to why things didn’t go as well for Republicans as they had hoped. My perspective, not surprisingly, is historical.

The United States has been drifting leftward politically and downward morally since the 1960s. There have been occasional blips in that political slide—Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump come to mind—but they don’t change the general trend. The moral decline is even more evident. In the 1950s, there was a popular TV show for six years entitled “Father Knows Best.” Can you imagine a program being aired like that now? In today’s America, half the children either don’t have a father living at home or have had multiple fathers depending on how many times their mother has been married. Or they are living with two “fathers” or two “mothers.” “Father Knows Best” indeed. Not in 2022. Maybe “Tranny Knows Best.”


This is just one example, of course. Hollywood has certainly been in the middle of the immoral invasion that has attacked America. But my point here is, this is history. Nations rise, nations fall (more on how and why in a subsequent article). It doesn’t have to happen, but it always does, and America is not somehow miraculously immune to that process. Indeed, we are becoming a classic case.

King Canute couldn’t’ stop the tide. And nobody seems to be able to stop the leftward moral and political tide that has been coming in the past few generations.

I’m sure the reader remembers Rush Limbaugh, probably fondly. Rush’s nationwide program started near the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency in 1988 and ended with his sad death just after Joe Biden’s inauguration in 2021. Rush was on the air, five days a week, three hours a day, all over the country, for 32 years. A more eloquent spokesman for conservative values could hardly be imagined. Yet, when Rush died…Joe Biden had just become President. During Rush’s 32 years, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were both presidents for eight years. My point is, even Rush Limbaugh couldn’t make a dent in this decline. Oh, he may have slowed it down some; that is difficult to quantify. But, who among us would argue the country is in better shape in 2022 than it was in 1988? More conservative. More moral. More family is oriented. More united.

More American.  



How does John Fetterman get elected to ANYTHING in the United States of America?

Maybe the election on November 8 didn’t go quite as well as we had hoped because the country hasn’t been going in the direction we want it to for a long time now, and that drift is very difficult to stop. It never has before, in any country. We can try. We MUST try. But we must also recognize the realities of history.  

We keep fighting. We keep looking for answers—though it will take someone a whole lot smarter than I to find them. There are still millions and millions of good, decent, God-fearing, family-oriented people in the United States. But there are also millions and millions who aren’t.

And the problem is, folks, we might just be outnumbered now.

But this is why I didn’t predict or expect, a “red wave” in this election.

It could still happen. We did elect Reagan and Trump. Decline usually happens in fits and starts, and is not always smooth and consistent, any more than the “rise” of a great country is.  

America isn’t finished yet, though if Biden and the Democrats have their way, it will be soon, at least in any traditionally recognized way. They intend, deliberately, to destroy the country. To stop them and turn them around, the first thing we’ll have to do is recognize what is happening. 

I fear too many Americans don’t. I hope I’m wrong. But history never lies. Historians do, but not history.


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