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We often hear it commented, on Townhall and other conservative media, about how “stupid” Democrats and the Left are. There is a sense in which this is true but does need a little explanation, analysis, and evidence. When saying they are “stupid,” we aren’t talking about IQ. There are many Democrats with very high IQs, but having a high IQ is not to be equated with intelligence, decency, or common sense.


The problem with the Left, what distorts and warps their intelligence, is their blind rage and hatred. They are so full of maliciousness towards Trump, MAGA, and the “Right” in general, that they are unable to coherently think, properly use evidence, or come to rational conclusions. This isn’t uncommon in human history. Find any people blinded by hatred and you will find people whose mental faculties have gone awry (e.g., Hitler and the Nazis). Conservatives aren’t immune to this, so we need to be careful as well.

I want to give three examples of utter stupidity that have recently come from the Left. They are in a panic now because they can see they are about to lose control of the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate as well. The loss of power is terrifying to them; it’s all they live for. So, panic is causing them to say some unbelievably dumb things.

1. The following showed up recently on Yahoo Finance: “America is facing a diaper crisis, and the anti-abortion movement is making it worse.” If this were a joke, it would be funny. Well, it’s funny anyway, but it’s beyond that. America has a diaper shortage (I didn’t know that). It’s being caused, partly, by the fact that not enough babies are being aborted (would Joe Biden’s economy have some to do with it, too? No, no, it’s got to be Vladimir Putin’s fault). Thus, if we abort more babies, voila! No diaper shortage! This needs no intelligent—or any other kind—of analysis from anyone. It’s stupidity, yes, but it’s more than that—it’s desperation. Any port in a storm. Any reason, regardless of how ridiculous, to try to persuade somebody, anybody, to vote for Democrats. I suspect some high-IQ moron thought this up. And I suspect a lot of low-IQ morons will believe it. But if it changes anyone’s vote, then we truly need to pity that person.


2. Did you know that your pet is one of the reasons for climate change? CNN says so. A recent “BlazeMedia” headline said, “CNN ridiculed for blaming pets for impact on climate change, advocating ‘insect-based food’ and adopting small rodents instead of dogs.” Pets “play a significant role in the climate crisis,” CNN reported. I guess your dog, like your cow, is belching and flatulating too much. At least CNN was “ridiculed” for this. But, again, what we have here is panic and desperation. Not only should you eat bugs to save the planet, but you need to feed them to your dog and cat, too. Better yet, adopt a rat. I guess they don’t belch and flatulate.  

Again, if this wasn’t so serious, we could roll on the floor laughing at such buffoonery. But these people ARE serious. And that is frightening.

3. My third example is a more personal one. I have a blog (access it from the info below, if interested), and I have a wild-eyed liberal plaguing me with comments. Sometimes I answer him, just for fun, sometimes I ignore him. Recently, after I posted an article on Putin and the Ukraine war, he wrote with the usual drivel about Trump being Putin’s puppet, etc., etc. There was also the now-totally debunked, but still oft-repeated, myth that Vlad “DID” try to interfere in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and that when Trump was so “deservedly defeated in 2020, Vlad the Impaler was so beside himself with an impotent rage that this no doubt. [sic] goaded him into making his catastrophic invasion of Ukraine.” Maybe I have missed something (not impossible), but this is the first time I’ve read that Vlad invaded Ukraine because he was mad that Trump lost in 2020. Well, maybe so. Hard to disprove, I suppose. But, pardon me if I think that stupidity went to seed. I’d need to hear Vlad say that with a straight face, and even then, I probably wouldn’t believe it. But at least there would be SOME evidence for it. More than Mueller found about 2016.


All of this, as noted above, is motivated by hatred and desperation. When people get desperate, they will say and do desperate things. And as we get close to the midterm elections, and the Democrats increasingly perceive they are going to take a beating, don’t be surprised if you read and hear more such incredulous stupidity from the high-IQ Party.  

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