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Occasionally—no, actually quite frequently—a liberal elitist will let slip exactly what he/she/it thinks of the inferior, unwashed peasant class below them. The Martha’s Vineyard episode was a classic case; a town where the average annual income is over $130,000 a year, and which had hundreds of beds available, couldn’t find the “resources” to house 50 people they claim to love. They couldn’t do it because they didn’t want to do it. “Those kinds of people” have no place living among the hoity-toity. Typical liberal hypocrisy. We see it all the time.


A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi opened her mouth and said something stupid (but I repeat myself). Regarding illegal immigrants and Florida, Botox said, “We have a shortage of workers in our country and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers saying ‘Why are you shipping these immigrants up north? We need them to pick the crops down here."

Yeah. That’s what these low-lifers are good for. To pick crops. Martha’s Vineyard apparently doesn’t have any crops to pick, so the “migrants” can be shipped out to a military base. Let them pick crops there.

A couple of things here. If there is a “shortage of workers” in America to “pick crops,” then, Nancy, why don’t you round up all those poor souls who are sleeping and defecating on the streets of your city and state and give them jobs “picking crops”? There are apparently close to 600,000 homeless people in America (probably a lot more), of which 161,548 of them are in California (according to the “US Interagency Council on Homelessness”). Almost half of the homeless live in five areas: Washington, D.C., California, New York, Hawaii, and Oregon.

Interesting. What do those five places all have in common? The bluest states in the union. Compassionate liberals let people sleep and starve on the streets (or on military bases). D.C. has a homeless rate 5.8 times higher than the national average. New York’s is 2.8 times higher. Hawaii 2.7. Oregon twice as high, and California 1.9 times higher. It’s hard to accurately count the homeless, of course, so I suspect those stats will adjust, almost from day-to-day, but I also suspect the numbers above are either close to reality or grossly understated. A shortage of workers, Nancy? No, there’s not. There are plenty of Americans who need jobs. Pick them off your streets and give them one “picking crops.”


Bu also, we again see the utter, innate arrogance and condescension among the liberal elite. All these migrants are good for is to “pick crops.” No American dream of rising to the pinnacles of society for them; they couldn’t do it anyway, they are too stupid. Just go pick my food and kiss my foot while you are down there.

This is, once more, evidence that Democrats like Pelosi (and all of them are like her now) care absolutely nothing about people, all they are striving for is supremacy. The rest of us exist to obey and serve. The whole illegal alien movement has nothing to do with finding workers for America, and everything to do with solidifying Democratic control of the country. They believe they can eventually give amnesty to the 20+ million illegals in America, and the gratitude will be so great that these new Americans will all vote Democrat. Spread them around the country with midnight plane flights to red states and soon those states, or at least some Congressional districts, will turn blue, too, thus securing the Democrats’ dominance for generations to come. It’s cynical to the nth degree. But it’s all about power. The left will do ANYTHING for power, folks, no scruples, no limits, no restrictions. It’s all they live for. Well, that and sex. If the people of America are too stupid to give them power on their own, liberals will just import enough foreigners who WILL do it. That’s the “replacement theory.” It’s all encompassing. Preach incessantly against “white supremacy” because it’s the greatest evil in the history of mankind (definition of “white supremacist”: any white person who doesn’t vote Democratic). And replace the evil white supremacists with foreign people of color who will pick our food for us and always vote for Democrats. An incredible number of people believe it.


You would have to go a long way—like to China—to find a group of people as despicable as the leaders of the Democratic Party of America.

 Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand. His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and His second book, River Bend, will be out soon. And check out his new blog at


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