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I lived in the People’s Republic of China for about 10 years, but, recently, I finally got tired of it and left.  Regarding China, the country has certainly improved the material conditions of the masses in recent decades (mostly by theft), but it is still a very hierarchical, oppressive nation.  I lived through some of the continuing lockdowns, and they are indeed frustrating, irritating, useless, and despotic.  I couldn’t get into a hospital once unless I proved I didn’t have the Wuhan virus, that is, unless I could prove I wasn’t sick.  A hospital, mind you.  Even the cowered Chinese are getting tired of this.  To put it into perspective, there are basically two classes of people in China, “masters” and “slaves.”  The “slaves” are largely good folk, just trying to live a decent life like normal people everywhere.  The “masters” are, frankly, tyrants to a man and racist to the core.  Horrible people.  The worst I have ever encountered.  They would fit in well in the Democratic Party in America.  And visa-versa.  They are indeed the Democrats’ idols.


But more on that in a later article.  I don’t intend, in this essay, to analyze the Chinese psyche, except to say the Chinese people haven’t completely thrown their brains, or decency, out the window yet like so many in the West have.

Case in point.  A few months ago, before I left the country, I posted on a Chinese social media platform a news item from Breitbart with a picture of a British Labour MP saying “some women are born with penises.”  This kind of utter buffoonery hasn’t reached China yet.  I had several responses from Chinese people to my post.  “For God’s sake (Joe Chinaman said), how can a man born with a penis be called a woman?”  “Beyond stupidity.”  “How could that be?  What’s going on?  Hahaha, I don’t understand such a thing.”  The Chinese aren’t woke yet.  And they are laughing at us, folks, our greatest enemy is laughing in our faces, and frankly, it’s embarrassing.  The Chinese people, who are still largely family oriented, haven’t yet been subjected to Western sexual nihilism, the destruction of the family, the utter, illogical, unscientific asininity that a man can become a woman and visa-versa.  It is incomprehensible to them, as it was to all of humanity, including Western civilization, for all of human history, until we turned our morality, culture, and educational system over to a bunch of degenerate, debauched, decadent “elitists” whose only concern is their own power, sexual enjoyment, and hedonistic pleasure.  We booted God out of our moral universe, and we are paying the consequences in inconceivable ways.  Like, men claiming to be women, and women claiming to be men.  And the most horrid example is the “grooming” of our children to be “transgender,” with the resultant mutilation of minors who have absolutely no clue what they are doing, all at the behest of a radical leftist element of the Democratic Party. These people cannot (or will not) reproduce so their only option is to recruit.  And the younger the recruits, the better.  This is beyond revolting. It seems unbelievable that Western civilization, which spawned some of the greatest minds in human history, which, however imperfectly but far more perfectly than any other culture, pointed the way and led the world out of poverty, racism, barbarity, destitution, political oppression, slavery, countless diseases--how could such a civilization degenerate, so rapidly, into such a condition as brutalizing its own children?  This is horrifying to any decent human being.  Like unwoke Chinese slaves.  


A recent poll indicated that nearly 25% of people who say they are Democrats believe a man can become pregnant.  The greatest fiction writer in history could never have conceived that something like this could actually havebecome true.

I don’t know what to do about it except to vote for decent people who will oppose such tragedies.  We didn’t get here overnight; even pedophilia (MAPs, “Minor Attracted People”),  which is becoming socially acceptable among liberals, didn’t arise out of a vacuum.  It was a gradual process.  Bestiality (remember, watch for the word “zoophilia”) is next, then polygamy, polyandry, and whatever other form of godlessness these morally-bankruptsewer-dwellers can concoct.  And concoct they will.

Xi Jinping is a typical communist leader, amoral, a megalomaniac, thoroughly committed to his ideology, which requires frequent and often violent abuses of human freedoms.  But I will give him credit for one thing--he IS trying to protect his people, albeit in oppressive, totalitarian ways, from decadent Western sleaze.  He knows what a man is, and he knows what a woman is, and he also has sense enough to create a military that is the leanest, meanest fighting machine possible, while Joe Biden and the Democrats are using American armed forces as an expensive experiment in transgender engineering and “anti-white supremacist” propaganda.  Diversity and equity are no match for single-minded determination.  I just hope we never find that out for real.  It will be an incredibly brutal, bloody, and tragic lesson.  


Why is it only in the West that these sickening degradations of “grooming” and “pregnant men” arehappening?  How many pregnant African, South American, or Arab men do you know? 

It hasn’t taken Western civilization long to go from the penthouse to the basement of the outhouse.  Unfortunately, it appears it will take awhile to climb out of it.  Building up always takes long than tearing down.

Mark Lewis is a native Texan currently living in Thailand.  He has a Master's degree in history and has taught history and English in America, South Korea, and China.  His first book, Whitewater, a western novel, was recently published, and is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and 

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