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I predict the discovery of repulsive behavior in the White House on January 19, 2013.

Several months after the Bill Clinton staff moved out of the West Wing in 2001, George W. Bush’s press secretary Ari Fleischer confirmed to the Washington Post that the outgoing liberals had trashed the place.  

The letter “W” had been removed from the keyboards, historic artifacts had been stolen, 20% of the furniture was overturned, walls were painted with obscene graffiti and office equipment was sabotaged.  In addition to insulting messages left for the incoming President on walls, cabinets, toilets and voicemails, there are stories that the carpeting was soiled by something more than just your normal wear and tear.

The customarily dignified transfer of power between political parties was sullied by the personnel whose attitude reflected the irreverence shown by their boss.

The next transfer of power, hopefully nineteen months from now, promises to be worse than the frat house antics of the Clinton team.  By that time, the incoming staffers will all own iPhone7’s so we will have photos.

While I don’t predict the damage to be one of vandalism, I am concerned about what President Obama’s administration will have done to reflect his vow of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  

Within his first few days in the White House, Barack Obama’s staff was given a loud hint about the direction of his leadership when he directed them to remove the bust of Winston Churchill and return it to Great Britain.

Aside from unhinging historical international ties, the current administration has shown itself to be an eloquent marionette, with a string attached to the most powerful commander of every unholy alliance.

On Thursday evening, I attended a screening of a new movie, The Undefeated, about the very public life of Sarah Palin.  I could not tell by the end of the film whether it was a documentary or the launch of a unique presidential campaign.  

The film is destined to win zero cinematic awards.  But it carried a powerful, underlying message -- that Sarah Palin is driven by a solitary allegiance, unburdened by loyalties to any special interests. 

Only Governor Palin and her hairdresser know whether she will run for President.  

But I crave that singularity of purpose in the Republican nominee. 

Experience is important.  Communication skills are essential.  Competence is paramount.  

And, the champion whom we select to replace Barack Obama will have an enormous cleanup task.  

Our new president will need to approach the detail with all the concern that an exterminator holds for a cockroach.  Foreign aid, welfare for illegal immigrants, and every redundant bureaucracy among the 400+ federal government agencies will have to take a back seat to paying down the national debt.

I suspect that the transition team will need to disassemble the following dedicated networks that certainly must be installed in the West Wing of the Obama White House:
  • Department of the Treasury to Democratic Nation Committee headquarters
  • Department of Justice to ACLU headquarters
  • Department of Labor to SEIU headquarters
  • Department of the Interior to Greenpeace USA headquarters
  • Department of the Commerce to ACORN headquarters (inactive connection)
  • Department of Education to National Education Association headquarters
  • Department of Energy to OPEC
  • Department of Homeland Security to Felipe Calderón’s office
  • Department of State to a webcam in Chappaqua, and
  • White House Chief of Staff’s office to George Soros’ house.
And if I were the Brits, I’d be checking that Winston Churchill statue for bugs too.

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