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Yes, Leftist Media & Politicians Incited Race Riots

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AP Photo/Steve Helber

I have spent the past week shocked watching our liberal media and politicians condone, support, egg on, entice, and incite race riots.

Mainstream media and liberal politicians have done everything they could to soften the optics of the disgusting destruction of thousands of businesses across the U.S., businesses which these same leftist leaders have bled dry in the months leading up to the vandalism through coronavirus closures. These leaders continuously speak support for the protesters, some even for Antifa, and strategically couple it with a gentle admonition of the rioters who coattail the protesters and cause unprecedented mayhem. Nikole Hannah-Jones, who wrote the leftist race war theology known as the 1619 Project, which is being taught in over 3,500 public schools, has actually expressed support for the looting and property destruction, terming it "protest" and "not violence," while simultaneously encouraging it as an "uprising."


On Tuesday, Governor Northam stated that George Floyd was one of the "people being killed for the color of their skin." But wait. While a unified majority of Americans agree that Floyd should never have been handled as he was, what do the police officers' callousness and recklessness have to do with Floyd "being killed for the color of [his] skin"? There is absolutely no evidence of racism or hate in the Floyd case, just political conspiracy theories of racism. But these politically-driven theories of "white supremacy" and racism are fueling the fires that are burning our American cities. All the while, statistics show that black men are less likely than white men to die from police contact. In fact, "a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer," writes Heather Mac Donald in the Wall Street Journal

Facts aside, police officers throughout our country are being targeted for execution by the salivating socialist rejects who call themselves Antifa. Multiple officers have been taken out by car rammings. Why? These officers have nothing to do with George Floyd or the officers responsible for his death; they do not even know those officers. Why are police officers being discriminated against on mass scales based on the uniform they wear? After all, these are officers from entirely unrelated departments and who have uniformly expressed revulsion to Floyd's homicide video, which many even described as "torture". These are officers who are Black, White, Asian, and every other color of the human rainbow. Why do they deserve to die? Because they are "white supremacists," claim Antifa. These face-covering cowards have even resorted to driving around residential neighborhoods looking for parked police cruisers to target police families - you know, for later, to attack when the police wife and children are home alone while dad is at work battling vicious thugs on the streets. 


According to these domestic terrorists, anyone who does not agree with them is fair game for pillaging and slaughter. Oh, and they're white supremacists. All of them. Even the Black ones, all racists. And, thanks to the propaganda arts of CNN and MSNBC, affluent self-hating white suburban folks agree! A bunch of them showed up in Alexandria, Virginia, to a diverse police department, to protest these officers' "racist policing." Same in Jersey City

The deaths, looting, violence, and police targeting is being justified by mainstream media and liberal politicians as some kind of appendices to the George Floyd BLM protests. Yet many protestors want no part of it; they cry out that this makes them look bad. Black people throughout the country's protests have attempted halting the white Antifa thugs trying to entice Black youths to join them. Of course, many of the criminal youths have shown that they don't need any encouragement. But the regular Americans in the BLM protests want no part in the rioting. After all, protesting isn't nearly the same thing as felonious assault, robbery, or murder, and these people know it. Thug youths from all communities and of all colors are not part of the protests but are instead riding the coattails of the protestors to justify malfeasance. Yet, so many high-profile liberals can't grasp the difference

Liberal politicians wanted a race war. And they got it. So far, 11 people are dead. Over 100 police officers nationwide have been injured. And it's still not over. 


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