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Why Did The Feds Go After General Flynn In The First Place?

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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Michael Flynn's lawyers filed astounding new evidence this week, showing federal government agents intended to set up Michael Flynn. 

Quick Recap

In 2014, Obama dismissed Michael Flynn from his job as director of the defense intelligence agency, after giving him the highest security clearance. Obama never explained why. Flynn then went into the private industry and gave speeches for a hefty fee, a common practice among those in the political field. 


Leading Authorities, Inc., a talent booking agency for speaking engagements, booked a speech for Flynn in Russia in 2015. They also booked Flynn for paid speeches in D.C. Indeed, the company books speaking engagements for their famous clients "around the world." Two months after the Russian speaking engagement, Flynn joined the Trump campaign. 

Flynn's speaking event in Russia was unremarkable, according to Jill Stein, a Green Party candidate who was sitting at the same table as Flynn and Putin. The engagement only became remarkable a year later, after Hillary Clinton's campaign decided to leverage it politically against Trump, by concocting a Russian Collusion story. 

Later in 2016, Trump named Flynn as his national security adviser

In the meantime, The Deep State Crew (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page) was devising a plan to get rid of Trump and his team. In a panic over the potential of an untraditional, unpredictable politician like Trump, The Deep State Crew came up with an "insurance policy" to get rid of the Trump team, one by one. They were using any and all means necessary to ensure their survival in the deep state with continued access to dark power.

The Interview

Flynn's call with the Russian ambassador broke no laws. After all, the conversation at the heart of the Flynn case was not about Flynn helping the Russians. Flynn's discussion appears to have been Flynn asking the Russians not to retaliate against the U.S. for Obama's actions against the Russians, to wait for the new administration to take office - easing U.S./Russia relations, in essence. None of what Flynn did was criminal in any respect. 


So why did the feds interview Flynn? 

They needed to create a crime if they were going to get rid of him. All they had was "open source information" that Flynn traveled to Russia and spoke at that unremarkable speaking engagement. He also had made Russian friends. That was enough, The Deep State Crew decided, as Flynn's team unveiled in mindboggling new evidence they filed with the court. "What is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute [Flynn] or get him fired?" An agent wrote in a notepad

The proof, in their own words - to get him to lie, to prosecute him, to get him fired. United States federal government agents intended to set up Michael Flynn. Sidney Powell has been telling the truth all along.

The fact that Flynn dedicated his life to serving the United States of America, that he passionately fought terrorism, that all knew him as a kind, honest man - it was all irrelevant to The Deep State Crew. They prioritized their own agenda above their duty to this Nation. They knew they could get away with this too, as Democrats were readily pushing the Russian hoax in a wild attempt to discredit the President. 

So what did Flynn do wrong during this interview? What was his crime? Did the agents succeed and "get him to lie"? 


"The only basis for the allegations against Mr. Flynn depends on the agents' characterizations of his statements to them," explained Flynn's lawyers, Jesse Binnall and Sidney Powell, in a November brief. So the agents must have characterized Flynn as a liar, right? Nope. "The agents did three briefings the day of the interview. They reported he had a sure demeanor, and he was telling the truth or believed he was," Flynn's lawyers write. They simply changed the story later.

DOJ Helped FBI Conceal This Evidence 

In 2018, Mueller wrote in Michael's Flynn's sentencing memorandum that "nothing about the way [Flynn's] interview was arranged or conducted caused the defendant to make false statements to the FBI." Did Mueller lie or misrepresent the facts to the tribunal? After all, this claim is entirely inconsistent with the evidence. 

Moreover, at the time of Flynn's interview, "[Sally Yates] was 'unclear' why the FBI was investigating or interviewing Mr. Flynn," according to Flynn's lawyers. But something is amiss. "Obviously, someone in DOJ understood Mr. Flynn was accused of being a Russian agent, because there is an internal document dated January 30, 2017, exonerating Mr. Flynn," wrote Flynn's lawyers. Were Flynn's lawyers lied to? Did Yates lie? Don't forget that Yates testified in May 2017 that Flynn was targetted because he was "compromised" by the Russians and subject to blackmail. The new explosive evidence reveals this was political pretext without substance. What evidence did Yates have that Flynn was compromised or subject to blackmail?


I wasn't teasing when I wrote that Flynn's lawyers exposed KGB-style behavior at the DOJ and FBI

Looking Forward To A Free Flynn

What we now know about the Michael Flynn case is that: (1) the feds intentionally targetted Flynn without a legitimate basis, turning entirely innocent facts into politically-motivated criminal suspicion, (2) irrespective of whether he did anything wrong, the feds intended to charge Michael Flynn or get him fired, plotting carefully to set him up, and, (3) Flynn did not commit a crime but pled guilty to one upon bad advice of counsel

"As God as my witness, the truth is I am innocent," concluded Gen. Michael Flynn in a declaration of innocence filed with the court back in January. "I will fight to restore my good name." President Trump wants to see that happen as well. 

Michael Flynn's legal team has been painstakingly working with scrupulous care to expose the unprecedented federal frame-up of an American patriot. For that, and for saving an innocent man, the American people are eternally grateful. 

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