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Bernie Sanders Delights Democrats With Plan For Free Healthcare For Illegals

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Bernie Sanders, that socialist curmudgeon we love to hate, has come up with a new way to smother American prosperity: FREE healthcare for illegal aliens. 

As has become expected in these neo-socialist times, Democrats were delighted by the proposition of robbing hardworking Americans for the benefit of those who break federal laws


But when Bastard Bernie says FREE, what does that mean? Redistribution of wealth via taxation, of course. Take monies from the rightful owner by force and intimidation and give it to the wrongful owner. What does Bastard Bernie get out of it? Power and control over the unethical transaction. That power, the ability to say who keeps what is the ultimate control; for no one can control their own destiny, only Bastard Bernie and the other glorified thieves in power control each American's destiny when they take your money. The more that he takes from you, the more power he has over you, and the less you control your own life. This is precisely why taxation amounts to economic slavery. 

Bernie Sanders understands better than anyone, that the one who controls the money is the one who controls freedom and destiny. If Bastard Bernie doesn't take your earnings from you, then you maintain power and control over your life and your destiny. If, on the other hand, he takes what you earned, then you and your labor belong to the state. When Bastard Bernie hands your cash to illegals, he simultaneously hands them control over your life. This is exactly what Bastard Bernie wants: to dilute your control over your own destiny. Bernie now also wants to give illegal immigrants power over you. 


This diabolical plan for the diminution of Americans isn't restricted to Bastard Bernie; he is joined by the other democrat neo-socialists like Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kirstin Gillibrand. They call their politics by various names in an attempt to convolute and conceal the simplistic socialism that drives their agenda. Don't get lost in the words they use; just look at what they are plotting. They advocate for increased taxation, redistribution, and government control over your life. Bernie Sander's bill "Medicare for All" was co-sponsored by these con-artists, and their control effort would cost you an estimated $32 trillion. Nice people.

More harrowingly, the neo-democrats prioritize the interests of illegal immigrants over the basic needs of the Americans who they are sworn to represent. But why are illegal immigrants of particular interest all of a sudden? 

On the one hand, because democrats prey on weakness or the appearance of weakness, and illegal immigrants are the perceptively weak concern du jour that strikes the Democrats' fancy. That's it; there's not much more or less to it. On the whole, Democrats are not deeply concerned with the plight of an illegal immigrant; they are just using these people to advance their political agenda amongst their bleeding-heart base. Remember how the Democrats were vividly trying to save the whales in the '90s? Whatever happened to the whales? Who's saving them nowadays? Maybe they went the way of the ozone hole that was all the craze in the '80s. Do you ever wonder what the illegal immigrants were doing in the '80s and '90s when the ozone and the whales were the weaklings du jour?


Donald Trump is the reason why illegals became the attraction of the day, as they are the group he is attempting to regulate, rendering them weaklings du jour for Democrats. Had Trump decided to build a barrier to keep dangerous sharks away from U.S. beaches, then "Save The Sharks!" would have been the prime democratic platform. Anything anti-trump is magically and automatically converted into pro-democrats. This how the gays and Islamists came to political joinder in the same party; they call this "intersectionality."

On the other hand, because Democrats are clawing at well walls, trying to find a way out of the deep loss to Donald Trump. They need more bodies, more votes. It's a bid to stay in power. Aside from attempting to entice illegals with free healthcare, they are also attempting to give illegals the right to vote, followed by attempting to change the American voting system to be a rule by majority, which they would easily get if illegals can vote for the hand that feeds them. It's all about power, about control. It's about eroding America and capitalism. 

Think about the Democrats' plan from the perspective of a would-be illegal border crosser. The proposition that those who break U.S. laws will be rewarded with admiration and riches in the form of Spoils of Taxation, is a rather attractive bargain. Why not break the border law? You will receive free lawyers, free food, free shelter, free healthcare, free legal advice from a local Sanctuary Sheriff, and unfettered admiration by the neo-socialist clique growing in the United States. Seems too good to pass up, no? 


Neo-socialism is a lucrative invitation for the illegal bypass of American laws.

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