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I encourage all Liberty Loving Latinos to support Donald Trump. He has felt the pulse of America and continues to listen, embrace, and deliver to all Americans the promise of “Americans first." Our country needs a leader and leadership is what America currently lacks. Trump will end the cronyism in Washington, DC. in order to preserve our liberties that make America great; starting with enforcing current laws and borders.


Trump’s honesty on illegal immigration is refreshing. His plan hits all critical elements that I have been messaging across the country, including in this interview on "Fox and Friends" in September.

Mr. Trump’s Immigration Policy speech was a watershed moment in modern political policy speechmaking, laying out his 10-point border and “place Americans first” plan. Immediately, his speech was applauded by Americans who are no longer willing to accept the illegal invasion, the jobs losses, the rapes and molestations and the killings of Americans…or the erosion of our unique American culture. On the flip side, Trump was quickly denounced by the left, the mainstream media, the open border advocates, and even by the Republican Party establishment's own volunteer Hispanic committee advisors. These so-called advisors’ calculating move is giving Latinos a bad name. They pretend to be offended by Mr. Trump’s rhetoric when they have known all along - for over a year - that Mr. Trump supports the enforcement of current laws and borders.

It is disturbing when the media foregoes those Latinos, whom I believe are by far in the majority and support the enforcement of current laws and oppose illegal immigration.

Barely two weeks after his immigration policy speech, Trump traveled to Houston on September 17th to speak at The Remembrance Project Luncheon. As part of the first ever conference bringing together our “Stolen Lives” families, the GOP presidential candidate spoke privately with over 40 family members for nearly an hour before delivering an encouraging message to the families and to an approving crowd of over 500 guests.


Trump invites families to share national stage.

On November 14, 2015 at a Trump rally in Beaumont, Texas, the families made their first of what would become many appearances on stage with Mr. Trump, which included speaking on stage on opening night of the Republican National Convention. Stolen lives families have delivered their stark personal messages of loss to the masses…and to all of America via the internet asking for current laws and borders to be enforced.

Fast forward to March 14, 2016, when only four GOP candidates were left standing. We were eager to get our message out to as many Americans as possible, I reached out to all GOP presidential contenders in an open letter (a letter previously sent in 2015 to all governors in the U.S.) requesting that each immediately adopt a program to be initiated upon their inauguration to help bring needed relief to the tens of thousands of victim families. The national program would help cover funeral expenses, medical and psychological counseling and to help aggrieved surviving families navigate through a legal system that has proven to be heavily biased and shows more consideration toward helping the illegal alien killers, rather than American victims.

Only one candidate is listening to our families. Only one candidate answered the call, and that candidate was Donald J. Trump. This letter was picked up by dozens of conservative news outlets, including Hannity.com

November 8th cannot come soon enough.


Now, with the election only days away, we are spending our days methodically moving across the country, often with the angel moms and other stolen lives families, helping spread the message of an America at the precipice of either a new day, one that values our families or, in her worst-case scenario, one which continues to champion, not the American family, but rather the demands of a burgeoning illegal alien population (that is supported by billions of taxpayer dollars, but that will have to be addressed another time).

A Clinton ascension to the White House will be a possible “fait de complet” for America, a final unravelling of the Constitution, and the irreparable loss of our God-given unalienable rights. The mere thought of four years of yet another lawless administration is one that keeps me and other Liberty Loving Latinos (and stolen lives families) awake at night.

November 8, 2016 cannot come soon enough.

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