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American Values - F Words

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Americans seem to have become accustomed to the casual use of the “F” word, with celebrities tracking, proudly, the number of times they “drop the “f” bomb” in public. The frequent use of the “f” word has coarsened our public discourse. But, many of our most emblematic American values, the very characteristics that shape our national character and contribute to American exceptionalism, have been given a bad rep by liberals because they, too, are “F” words.

Freedom from an overly intrusive government that thinks that only government knows what is best for Americans. Democrats prefer to support over-expansive government intrusiveness in the lives of all Americans, and over-regulation of our industries that is stifling American competitiveness.

Faith, the belief that something exists that is greater than we. The acknowledgement that, regardless of the religious diversity that currently exists in our country, we were founded as an essentially Judeo-Christian society, so much so, that we have no qualms about putting “In God we Trust” on our nation’s money is a concept which Democrats seem to abhor and Republicans embrace..

Free Enterprise and the belief in a capitalist society, in which a man can change his stars through innovation, hard work and perseverance. Democrats seek to change that emphasis and shift the country’s job creation power base from one of individual initiative to one of government granted entitlement.

Family and the importance of the family unit as a stabilizing and creative force in our society is a system which has served this country well for over 200 years, but which, now, Democrats have put under attack. A growing dependency on government support, the sad increase in the number of divorces and the dramatic increase in the number of children born to single mothers has destroyed the primacy of the traditional family at great expense to the nation.

Frugality, in all matters economic, epitomized the early years of this nation. Sadly, we have come a long way from the days of Alexander Hamilton, who with painstaking care set the foundations for our current Treasury system and the handling of national debt. In just the last three years, Obama and Democrat spendthrifts in congress have caused the national debt to balloon to over $15 trillion dollars, more than our Annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Four trillion of that debt has been incurred in the past three years, when Democrats expanded entitlements, subsidies, pork projects and crony capitalism.

Founding Fathers have been revered for their vision, their dedication and their sacrifices in creating what has arguably become the greatest nation on earth. Democrats regularly demagogue TeaParty activists because they argue the need to return to our roots and rely on the Constitution to guide our legislative decisions.

Fearlessness has characterized Americans whether battling tyranny abroad or tackling gnarly issues at home. But, in today’s “gotta do whatever I gotta do to get re-elected” mentality, we see Obama saying and promising whatever he thinks will garner him a second four years, regardless of practicality and regardless of fairness.

Friendly has always been one of the main American characteristics, whether characterized by Ambassador Ben Franklin, or Mark Twain or the jovial Will Rogers. But Democrat demagoguery of Republicans with whom they have an honest disagreement on policy has risen to new, vitriolic heights. President Obama, who speaks often of lowering the volume, is one of the main ringleaders egging on hostilities through accusations of racisim, elitism and fanning the flames of class warfare because he simply can’t run on his record of the past three years.

There are many other “F” words that could describe the best of Americans: forceful, fortitude, frank, fruitful, future-focused, fixers of problems. But, all these words share one thing in common: they characterize what is best and brightest about our country and its citizens.

Some politicians, desperate to stay in power, are perhaps, recently best described by “D” words as they descend to disputatious, divisive disagreements designed at damaging, deceiving and dissembling.

Returning our country to our Founding Fathers’ vision of individual responsibility, civility and comity in our legislative dialogue will take hard work from both parties. Only time will tell if they are capable of meeting the challenge.

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