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The great Abraham Lincoln is credited with introducing the quote, “I laugh because I must not cry...” Mike Kerrigan in the Wall Street Journal points to his own antidote and saving grace for these trying times--rock music. He concludes, “Maybe the peaceful, easy feelings that inevitably follow these listening sessions are holier than I once thought…a kind of self-care before I knew what that was.” Like music, it is a grand social lubricant.

As both a consumer of and contributor to Townhall, it is both my pleasure and privilege that all of us offer. I believe it is time we all offered a passionate vote of thanks, perhaps even our blessing to the wonderful cartoonists that grace the pages of Townhall every day, helping us make the progressive cancer we are forced to consume and deal with elsewhere in America’s leftist, media-driven world, more tolerable, if not palatable. As good or as bad as things get on the political front, these artists never take a day off.

As the late, great journalist Hugh Sidey once said, “A sense of humor... is needed armor. Joy in one's heart and some laughter on one's lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” For him, as Little Richard was fond of saying, “My music is the healing music, it can make the blind see the lame walk and the deaf hear the dumb talk.”

These days, conservatives’ music comes from the cartoonists offered on Townhall. Each of us probably has her or his own favorite cartoonist, but in my experience over the past seven years, each of the Townhall cartoonists has his moments of profound inspiration and brilliance, where they can transform us readers from despair to hope instantaneously.

Having left us in 2019, I am quite sure that if the late great Gahan Wilson were alive today, he would be delighted and inspired by the Townhall cartoon collective, for like him, they paint what they see with serious-hilarious humor, imagination, and a gift for revealing unvarnished truth in their world.

These great contributors alphabetically are:

Chip Bok            A.F. Branco

Steve Breen            Pat Cross

Al Goodwin            Bob Gorrell

Steve Kelley            Mike Lester

Matt Margolis and John Cox    Henry Payne

Michael P. Ramirez        Tom Stiglich

Gary Varval

I believe the wonderful, politically pointed humor from the Townhall cartoonists, are far more than chuckle-producers, they are for us conservatives, an emotional balm that allows us to keep on keeping on when the horrifics of the Biden administration descend on us and the absurdity of the international stage assaults us each and every day.

Thank you and God bless these wickedly wonderful cartoonists and keepers of conservative sanity!

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