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A Quiet Existence

Socialist Joe Biden is Leading from Behind, Again

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Editor's note: This column was co-authored by James McCoy. 

On August 31st self-appointed Socialist Joe Biden came out of his basement bunker to stick his toe in the campaign trail water accompanied by the chorus from Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused--“Been dazed and confused for so long it's not true.”

Feeling the pressure of trying to conduct a lackluster virtual campaign from his basement and bowing to intense pressure from his campaign advisors, Biden timidly tried to engage Pennsylvania voters with his talk at a simpatico venue, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. But the candidate still refused to take any questions from the press.

Despite being surrounded by like-minded progressives, the result was a Bouillabaisse-like jumble of incoherencies—"COVID has taken this year — just since the outbreak — has taken 100 year. Look, here's...the's just...I mean, think about it. More lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.”

Say what Joe?? 

Biden predictably indicted President Trump for creating much of the violence across our country, saying that “he adds fuel to every fire because he refuses to even acknowledge that there’s a racial justice problem in America because he won’t stand up to any form of violence.” Such pronouncements are straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook—pin your own shortcomings on your opponent. Biden has unconditionally refused to make any denunciations of the BLM/Antifa violence raging across the nation in America’s cities, both large and small. During the four soporific days of the DNC Convention, Biden and running mate, Kamala Harris, even adopted the old Law of the West posture—“Never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day” while cities around the United States were burning. Not once during the DNC did Biden or Harris mention or condemn the violence, rioting and looting in our major cities.

Biden continued, “Our current president wants you to live in fear, he advertises himself as a figure of order. He isn’t and he’s not been part of the solution thus far.” Biden would have our nation believe that President Trump benefits from the violence and is insincere in offering both governors and mayors of violence-prone cities Federal assistance in the form of the National Guard and/or Homeland Security. But if Trump benefits from the violence, why is he so committed to stopping it.  

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers initially declined the help saying he “stands with those fighting police violence against Black people and called a special legislative session to try to overhaul policing in Wisconsin.” After the deaths of several people, Evers reluctantly called upon the state’s National Guard and other law enforcement agencies. After doing so, the violence greatly diminished. Every indication is, up to this point, the Democrats view the on-going violence as ultimately benefiting the Left.  Kenosha’s progressive mayor John Antaramian was lost in his own netherworld, projecting the violence in his city as the fault of President Trump. After the National Guard units curtailed the violence, President Trump announced that he would visit the city to personally thank all those who helped in that effort and to discuss community affairs. Both the governor and mayor said they wish he wouldn’t come. The governor of Oregon and Portland’s mayor have similarly dismissed Trump’s offer for federal assistance while people continued dying, and buildings were destroyed and looted, at the hands of Antifa.

Certainly, Socialist Joe Biden has absolutely made no effort to be part of the solution to the urban violence after observing and tacitly approving it for months through his mind-numbing silence on the subject. The Wall Street Journal editorial board also said of Biden, “for a man of the left, denouncing right-wing militias is easy. Surely Mr. Biden knows the protests and riots since Memorial Day are overwhelmingly led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Mr. Biden didn’t mention those groups in his prepared remarks, and he never used the words “left-wing” to describe those who are burning businesses and attacking police precincts…Mr. Biden spent most of his speech attacking Mr. Trump. But the concern many Americans have about Mr. Biden is that he won’t be strong enough to take on the radical left. On that point his speech wasn’t reassuring.”

Biden’s abject ignorance of Black Lives Matter, the brainchild of Leslie Cagan, champion of United for Peace & Justice, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism, the Black Panther Party and the “Not in Our Name Project” of the Revolutionary Communist Party makes him the perfect progressive stooge. Obviously, if he was in majority control of his faculties, Biden would withdraw his support of Ms. Cagan and her jack-booted soldiers. Sadly, Sleepy Joe isn’t up to that responsibility and is mindlessly fronting what the president terms, “Very bad people.”

To the point of Joe Biden’s socialist tendencies and leading from behind, there is clear evidence in his announcement that he would call for a national mask mandate five months after Trump, respecting the federal system of government established by the founding father and after a national shutdown of the economy, commissioned each state to develop an effective and functional plan to address the virus according to its impact in their respective states. Unquestionably, a proper response to the virus in South Dakota would be somewhat different from a response in New York. Following the firmly established principle that those nearest to a problem are usually the best prepared and capable of fixing it, the Trump administration challenged each state governor, and their municipal leaders, to do just that. Who would enforce Biden’s national mask mandate? He couldn’t even offer a half-baked solution to the rioting. Would he send in the FBI, Federal Marshals, or better yet for his socialist sensibilities, create and fund a new mask enforcement agency? What would he do with Nancy Pelosi’s offense?

After every state had a well-established and well-publicized response system in place, including most retail establishments, Socialist Joe would perk-up and lead from behind. Apparently, he would blindly dismiss President Trump’s quarantine of visitors from China and Europe. He would also dismiss the cutting of red tape and bureaucracy that allowed for fast tracking of materials, medications and treatments to combat the disease. He needs to ignore the “Warp Speed” program to create a vaccine to assure the health of the vast majority of Americans, hopefully, before the end of the year. It is beyond absurd that Socialist Joe would criticize the leadership skills of President Trump given his recent silence and lack-luster leadership over his past 50 years in the federal government. He would have us behold his Pale Horse of pestilence. Joe Biden is perhaps the most duplicitous and potentially dangerous presidential candidate in our nation’s history.

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