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Max Boot, Washington Post columnist and author of “The Corrosion of Conservatism,” along with Tom Nichols and several other “moderate” commentators, claim to be fighting to restore the Republican Party to its former glory. Max and Tom have both openly encouraged their followers to vote for Democrats in order to destroy the GOP and rebuild it from the ground up. Apparently, both Max Boot and Tom Nichols claim to be “Never Trumpers.” What they really are is a couple of misguided former Republicans, grasping at straws in order to maintain some sort of relevance. Leading up to the midterm elections, Nichols authored a piece titled “Want to save the GOP, Republicans? Vote for every Democrat on this year’s ballot,” while Boot penned an eerily-similar article called “Vote against all Republicans. Every single one.” Both writings were published in the Washington Post during September and October of this year, respectively. The cognitive dissonance it takes to call themselves conservative, or even moderate for that matter, while simultaneously advocating for leftists, is unimaginable. 


When someone’s hatred for Donald Trump causes them to betray everything they profess to stand for, there is no other explanation. Boot and Nichols alike have a serious case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” as many call it. Yes, many of the Never Trumpers despise who Donald Trump is and what he stands for (if anything). Yet, the intellectually honest people from that crowd will commend Trump when he does something right, and call him out when they feel that he is wrong. Both of these former Republicans do the exact opposite, though. Voting against every GOP member on the ticket? Really? They thought that was a good plan? A decent swath of Republicans on the 2018 ticket weren’t even fond of Donald Trump, nor did they shill for him at his every move. That didn’t stop either of them from trying to make the GOP lose at the ballot box this year. It might also be worth noting that the Donald has governed more conservative than any other president in recent history. That doesn’t matter to them. Trump’s unconventional methods and divisive rhetoric are too much for them to handle. They decided to destroy everything they were supposed to hold dear, just for internet points and applause from their liberal betters. 

While Boot and Nichols try to maintain any semblance of true character and consistency, most conservatives see through their charade. Real Republicans don’t care about being a “big tent party” if it means making room for hacks like Max and Tom. Why does “staying principled” usually translate to letting Democrats win? It’s tough to play by the Marquess of Queensbury Rules when your opponents are trying to spit on you. Remember when “refusing to accept the results of an election” was a threat to our democracy? It would seem that that actually only applies when Republicans lose. When Democrats lose, they decide to blame Russian meddling, voter suppression, and even the system itself. The left has decided that the electoral college should be abolished, the Supreme Court should be packed, and illegal immigrants deserve to have a vote. Nevertheless, both Max Boot and Tom Nichols think these Democrat policies should be supported in order to destroy Trump’s controversial reign. 


Max’s utter hypocrisy is palpable. In July, Mr. Boot cautioned conservatives in their pursuit for a right-leaning judiciary in one of his agonizing op-eds. In November, he praised the judiciary when a Trump-appointed judge ruled against the president and allowed CNN’s Jim Acosta to regain his revoked press credentials. Max also put forth a piece in July in which he wrote about his desire for Barack Obama to be back in the White House. That’s right. Barack Obama. “His presidency appears to be lost in a golden age when reason and morality reigned”, writes Boot. Reason and morality? During Obama’s presidency? What kind of mind-altering drugs is Max taking? In all seriousness, it’s commendable that Boot can say all this nonsense with a straight face. Simply put, these are the types of “conservative columnists” who get to write for the Washington Post. The Max Boot, Tom Nichols, and Jennifer Rubin types. The types that aren’t actually conservative in the slightest. These individuals are conservative in name only (CINO). 

In October, Max tweeted a question;  “Trump fans need to get their story straight: Are  Never Trump conservatives irrelevant or harmful? Talk amongst yourselves.” Tweeting about himself, he still doesn’t realize the obvious answer: Masquerading under the guise of “conservatism” while being anti-conservative (CINO) only makes him relevant to his leftist counterparts, and only harms his credibility amongst those who won’t buy in to his absurdity. Max Boot and friends, wittingly or unwittingly, have become a tool for Democrats and their media interests. True conservatives would be well-advised not to drink the Kool-Aid being peddled by Boot and his cohorts. 


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