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The political conventions seem to birth new political stars every four years and this year’s Republican National Convention was no different. In 2004, a virtually unknown senator from Chicago gave an electric speech at the Democratic National Convention that thrust him into the international spotlight and set him on a path to the White House. That man was President Barack Obama. This year’s GOP convention didn’t just produce a new rising star -- it birthed a whole dynasty of superstars. The world now knows why political pundits have been calling Donald Trump’s family members his secret weapon. Trump’s wife and children all hit the proverbial ball out of the park with dynamite speeches that set the perfect stage for the GOP nominee to hit a home run on the convention’s final night. Donald Trump didn’t just hit a home run; he hit a grand slam, and he could not have done it without his family by his side. The Trump’s have entered a new league -- they’ve just become American royalty. Here’s how the Trump family became the new Camelot in just four days.


The world waited with great anticipation to see how a Slovenian born woman -- who speaks English as her second language and prefers to be a stay-at-home mother -- would pull off a primetime speech to kick off the convention on night one. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, Melania Trump gets an A plus. Melania delivered a heartfelt speech that proved she’s a woman that has both brains and beauty and it made her an instant style icon. The elegant Roksanda “Margot” dress she wore during her speech sold out within hours. Fashion critics are comparing her to Jackie O and Kate Middleton and she’s caused a mania in the fashion world.

While most 22-year-olds are looking for the best party in town or hiding in their safe spaces on college campuses, Tiffany Trump found herself center stage at the ultimate political party. The recent college graduate was the first Trump child to speak at the convention. She admitted she was nervous since she’s never given a speech outside of a classroom; however, you never would’ve known if she didn’t mention it. The young beauty wowed the crowd and she even received praise from some of her father’s harshest critics such as Megan McCain.

On night two during Donald Trump Jr.’s speech, I couldn’t help but notice the striking similarities between him and the late John F. Kennedy Jr. Just like JFK Jr., Donald Jr. is a brilliant speaker, good looking, charismatic and also a savvy businessman from New York City. Not only does he share the same name as his famous father just as JFK Jr. did, there’s a striking resemblance in their appearances too. After Donald Jr.’s speech, I posted on my social media pages that conservatives finally have their very own JFK Jr. Immediately my social media sites exploded and many people told me they were thinking the same thing. Even some of my liberal friends went gaga for Donald Jr. His fans are calling for him to run for president in 2024 and others even coined JFK Jr.-inspired nicknames for him such as “Don Don”. There’s no question Donald Trump Jr. has a bright future in politics if he ever chooses to run for office.


On Wednesday night, Trump’s middle son, Eric, took the stage and quickly became the most searched speaker of the night on Google. During his speech, Eric talked about his father’s passion for helping others, a trait he’s inherited from him. Similar to how Prince William and Prince Harry have carried on Princess Diana’s philanthropic legacy through their own charity organizations, Eric has put his money where his mouth is as well. He founded the Eric Trump Foundation -- a charity that gives money to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital – and said during his speech that there are few things that he holds closer to his heart than charity.

I got the chance to do a one-on-one interview with Ivanka Trump several years ago and I’ve had a girl crush on her ever since. On Thursday night, the rest of the world learned what I already knew about her. Ivanka has what all women want: beauty, success, grace and intelligence. She somehow manages to juggle a powerful career while raising three young kids and she still finds the time to hit the campaign trail for her dad even when she’s nine months pregnant. (In heels from her very own shoe line, no less!) She’s such a unique powerhouse woman. It's hard to find someone from any political dynasty to compare her to. However, after all her rave reviews, one thing’s for sure: if she ever ran for president, there’s no doubt more women would stand with her.


The kind of old school class we saw on display from the Trump family during convention week was reminiscent of the days of John F. Kennedy’s presidency. It’s seems that the Trump’s star power and grace has caused us to delete all of the cringe-worthy moments from Donald Trump’s campaign from our memories faster than Hillary Clinton can wipe a server clean. Jackie Kennedy didn’t believe there would ever be another Camelot. She was wrong. America’s new Royal Family has arrived.

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