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What Every Sexual Assault Victim Needs To Know About Hillary Clinton Before Election Day

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There have been great strides made this year for women who have been victims of sexual assault. Authorities arrested Bill Cosby on rape charges before most people had recovered from their New Year’s Eve hangover, and Lady Gaga united 50 fellow rape victims on stage at the Oscars to perform her song about rape with an introduction from Vice President Joe Biden encouraging Americans to take a pledge to end sexual assault. This progress has faced a few setbacks though such as the outrageously lenient six-month jail sentence issued to the Stanford student convicted of rape. However, one of the biggest setbacks for this community of survivors has been the nomination of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Before walking into the voting booth on Election Day, every sexual assault victim and woman should know Hillary’s history of enabling sexual predators, slut shaming victims and accepting money and influence from foreign countries with no written laws against rape or laws so perverse that victims can be punished more severely than their attacker.


Hillary prides herself on being a champion for women and sexual assault victims; however, her record proves the exact opposite. In 1975, Hillary worked as a defense attorney and took Thomas Alfred Taylor, a man charged with the brutal rape of a 12-year-old girl, on as a client even though she knew he was guilty. During the trial, Hillary attacked the young victim’s character and mental stability; this won her client a light sentence. Years later a tape surfaced from an interview she did with an Arkansas reporter and Hillary can clearly be heard laughing as she answers questions about this case.

Fast forward to Hillary Clinton’s days as the first lady of Arkansas and eventually the First Lady of the United States. Hillary led the charge on smear campaigns against dozens of women who accused her husband, Bill Clinton, of rape, molestation, sexual harassment and other forms of sexual misconduct. Connie Hamzy was one of the first women to come forward about Bill’s misconduct after he launched his run for president in 1991. At the time, Hillary told then Clinton administration aide George Stephanopoulos “we have to destroy her story”. When Gennifer Flowers went public about her long affair with Bill, she said Hillary ran a “war room” against her during Bill’s 1992 presidential campaign to “smear, defame, and harm” her. Hillary shamelessly trashed Flowers as a liar in a 1992 TV interview. Ironically, a few years later in 1998, Bill wagged his finger during a nationally televised White House news conference and famously said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” Hillary blamed that sex scandal on a “vast right-wing conspiracy” and referred to Monica as a “narcissistic loony toon”. DNA evidence found on Monica’s dress proved that the Clintons were the true liars and Bill was impeached and disbarred as a result. The most egregious rape allegations made against Bill were by Juanita Broaddrick. In an interview with “Dateline” in 1999, Juanita described how Bill bit her lip and raped her in a hotel room in 1979. As Bill left the room, she said Bill told her “you better get some ice on that” in reference to her swollen lip. Juanita has described in interviews how “paramount” Hillary has been in the cover up of these sexual assaults committed by Bill.


On November 22, 2015, in a twist of verbal irony that rivals stories straight out of Greek mythology, Hillary tweeted: “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.”

If Hillary truly believes this, her rule of thumb clearly does not apply to sexual assault survivors who were victimized by her husband.

In more recent years, Hillary has found new ways to enable sexual predators around the world. Hillary has accepted around $50 million dollars from Middle Eastern countries -- such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar – that have either no written laws prohibiting rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence or laws so twisted that the victims are punished. Rape victims there are often sentenced to flogging and imprisonment. Instead of speaking out against the savage rape culture in the Middle East, Hillary pockets money and exchanges favors from the very leaders there that condone this real war on women.

Every woman and sex crime victim has a right to know the truth about Hillary Clinton’s sordid past of enabling sexual predators. Her talk is cheap and her actions speak volumes. Come November 8, every person should think about that friend or family member who has lived through the hell of a sexual assault and ask -- does she stand with her? – before they cast their ballot.


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