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De Pasquale’s Dozen with Katie Pavlich

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Townhall.com.
It’s no surprise to Townhall readers that Katie Pavlich has been at the forefront of reporting on the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious scandal. In addition to her duties as News Editor of Townhall.com and TV appearances, her New York Times bestseller,
Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up, is the only comprehensive look at the events that led to death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and many others.

In Fast and Furious, Pavlich wrote, “Fast and Furious is Obama’s Iran-Contra. Where President Reagan and his administration faced the legal consequences of a secret program to sell arms to Iran, President Obama must now face the legal consequences of his administration’s secret program to sell arms to Mexican drug cartels. The weapons sold to Iran to fund anti-Communist guerillas in Nicaragua never, to anyone’s knowledge, wound up killing U.S. citizens. Nevertheless the mainstream press ran front-page stories on the scandal nearly every day for a year. Under Obama, the same level of scrutiny is absent.”

Pavlich has scores of fans on the right, including fellow New York Times bestselling author and blogger Michelle Malkin. I asked Malkin why Pavlich’s reporting is so important. She said, “Katie Pavlich is fierce and fearless. She's at the top of the pack of young, conservative investigative journalists in D.C. holding politicians on both sides of the aisle accountable. Her indefatigable work on Fast and Furious puts Beltway lapdogs to shame.”

Each week the De Pasquale's Dozen asks political figures and free market-minded writers and entertainers to take a break from politics and talk about their pop culture obsessions.

1. If there was a television channel that only showed one movie over and over, what movie should it be?

October Sky. For some reason, this movie has always stuck with me. It’s about a group of kids from a small mining town who were told they had no future. They worked hard, followed their dreams and achieved their goals despite the critics. Everyone should watch it. It’s also based on a true story, which makes it even better.

2. What’s one of your favorite movie quotes?

Yikes, I’ll admit it, I’m not a good movie watcher so I don’t have one…sorry!

3. In A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell is strapped in with his eyes propped open and forced to watch images until he was "cured." If you could give President Obama, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Leader Harry Reid the "Clockwork Orange treatment," what movie would you make them watch?

These people can’t be cured and are a lost cause, however I would attempt to cure them with a factual documentary about the Cuban healthcare system or the “Saw” movie series, which portray basically the same thing.

4. What pop culture souvenir do you own that people would be surprised to learn that you cherish?

I own a really obnoxious Wilbur the Wildcat stuffed animal that sings the University of Arizona fight song.

5. What's your current “guilty pleasure” non-news television show?

I don’t have cable or satellite TV at home, so my non-news guilty pleasure TV show is clips of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” or Real Housewives of (insert city here) on YouTube.

6. Which movie, television or rock star would cause you to lose your ability to speak if you ever met?

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, only because I would be forcing myself not to say really really rude things to him.

7. What was the first rock concert you ever attended and where did you sit and who went with you?

I have never been to a rock concert however I have a slight obsession with country concerts and have been to dozens now. The first one I ever went to was with my dad when I was six or seven. He took me to go see my idol Reba McEntire, I have all of her songs memorized. All of them. We had awesome seats in the first 20ish rows. Brooks and Dunn opened for her and I remember being irritated because they were taking up time on the stage (obviously at the time I didn’t understand the concept of an opening band, I love them now too.) It was so much fun, I wore a cowgirl outfit and got to put a rose on the stage for her.

8. Tell me about your favorite teacher and how he or she influenced your life.

I’ll give you two. My dad was one of my teachers in high school for three years and it was a blast. My 6th grade teacher Mr. Piper was also a great one. He would take us outside all the time to look at plants, made us run a mile every morning and at the end of the year took us to the Grand Canyon for a field trip/nine mile hike. Both taught me how to work hard and have fun doing it.

9. What’s the best present you ever received as a child?

A Winchester model 70 bolt action rifle in 7mm Mauser caliber for my 10th birthday.

10. Who would be on the perfect Red Eye panel?

Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, Bill Schultz, my brother and Sarah Palin.

11. What advice do you remember your mother or father giving you? Did you take it?

Throughout my life they haven’t given me “advice” necessarily, rather they taught me a lot of things through their own actions and example. They both taught me that anything is possible and that taking on challenges rather than running away from them is the most rewarding way to go through life. They also taught me that a strong work ethic is everything.

12. Tell me about the moment you decided to enter the political arena.

I was in college, it happened after I went to a Young America’s Foundation conference. I had always loved politics (I wrote a letter to Bill Clinton complaining about taxes when I was six) but never realized I should be gearing my career around the political arena until my junior year. It was in front of my face the entire time. I went from wanting to be a sideline sports reporter to a political reporter overnight.

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