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It has always saddened me that the Left is consistently able to appropriate the good literature and artwork for  its own ends. Case in point: George Orwell who once embraced Communism, only to become disillusioned and go on to write “Animal Farm” and “1984”. Ironically, the very group that invokes the name of Orwell when citing examples of alleged evil conservative intent seems to be rife with the same disturbing traits Orwell decried.


As anyone who sat through a high school literature class should theoretically be able to tell you, “1984” introduced the word “doublespeak” to the English language. Doublespeak, for the three of you out there who never read “1984” is the practice of reversing or distorting words and phrases to achieve an ignoble end.

Submitted for your consideration is the new program “Religious Freedom Goes to School” which is sponsored by the ACLU.

Citing what it calls a “growing number of reports from students, parents, teachers, and others detailing increasingly egregious constitutional violations”, the ACLU seeks to promote religious freedom by combating such things as in-class prayer, Bible distribution, school officials leading or participating in religious clubs, and reading scripture or prayer at school activities.

The ACLU says it would not be opposed to praying or reading scripture at recess, wearing religious clothing, (it cites rosaries, which are not traditionally worn when used for religious purposes; and head scarves) or the formation of religious or atheist clubs. The website also encourages people to tell their stories of religion being promoted in their schools.

I am not surprised that the ACLU is seeking to at the very least regulate religion in schools. I would be surprised if it was not seeking to do so. What is interesting is that it is trying to do so under the banner of promoting religious freedom. Freedom of religion, according to the ACLU is best left to an activist group that dictates where, how and when one may express one’s faith.


Not to be left by the wayside, the Environmental Protection Agency is employing similar tactics. Currently, it is “enabling” the widespread use of E-15, which is gasoline containing up to 15 percent ethanol. Ethanol, of course is one of those “renewable resources” with which the federal government is so enamored. To “enable” the use of E-15, the EPA will “assist” gas station owners with the installation of ten thousand blender pumps nationwide.

The key here is that if one purchases gasoline from a pump that offers E-15 they must purchase at least 4 gallons of E-15. E-15 is not compatible with engines made before 2000, lawnmowers, ATV’s motorcycles and lawn mowers, and even EPA boss Lisa Jackson noted that it may even be dangerous when used in those engines. For that matter, many cars do not have engines that are compatible with E-15. Looks like you are headed to your nearest auto dealer to buy a new car. Or you could always just give up and buy a Volt.

So, the EPA has found a way to enable and assist you to use more ethanol in your vehicles. Yes I know, it looks like a mandate, walks like a mandate and quacks like a mandate, but they are “assisting” you. It’s okay. They are from the government and they are here to help.


In “1984“ it was “War is Peace” “Freedom is Slavery” and “Ignorance is Strength” In 2012 its is religious freedom through regulation and mandating gas purchases by “enabling” and “assisting”.  What is striking about the new doublespeak is that those who indulge in it to their benefit and to the nation’s detriment are the very ones who claim Orwell for their own; even as they embrace they very practices and principles that frightened him the most.

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