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Hillary Clinton's New Marine Corps

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Retired Marine General John Allen’s recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention should be raising some uncomfortable questions about the future of the United States Marine Corps.


Marines pride themselves on their unmatched ability to produce leaders. Marine Corps DNA includes 14 leadership traits that help Marines develop as both faithful warriors and ethical citizens.

If you were to ask any Marine about the 14 traits of Marine Corps leadership, the first two mentioned would probably be justice and judgment.

Of course, in the wake of General Allen’s brazen endorsement of a bonafide criminal with a long history of disdain for our military, what should normal Americans think of General Allen’s idea of justice and judgment now?

Granted, Hillary Clinton may not currently identify as an unrepentant communist, but once upon a time, people who advocated class warfare, government ownership of all property, banning guns, and an egalitarian Utopia used to be called communists. Today, many of these people self-identify as Democrats in America -- but that doesn’t change what they truly are.

To realize that the lives of our United States Marines were once in the hands of a Marine general -- and Naval Academy graduate -- who says he believes in Hillary Clinton’s vision for America -- and who claims to trust her judgment -- is nothing short of depressing.

Then again, utterly demoralizing Americans who respect and admire our nation’s warriors is all part of the Democratic Party’s psychological warfare.

Consequently, what better way to create hopelessness than to trot out a retired four-star Marine general at the DNC and to have him exalt a traitor as “exactly -- the kind of commander in chief America needs”?


Talk about a kick in the groin.

In addition to raising doubts about General Allen’s sense of justice and judgment, his endorsement of Clinton also makes Allen’s dependabilityintegrity, unselfishness, and loyalty all suspect going forward.

Let’s face it -- General Allen swore an oath to defend the Constitution against domestic enemies just like Hillary Clinton, and now he is endorsing her for commander in chief.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton left Americans to die at the hands of Muslim terrorists in Benghazi.

She then participated in the White House’s subsequent blame-America coverup of the attack.

Is this “exactly” the kind of dependability and loyalty that General Allen believes America needs in a commander in chief?

Obviously, you don’t have to be a Marine to recognize something is seriously wrong with anyone -- let alone a retired Marine general -- who would endorse a despicable politician with Hillary Clinton’s track record of betrayal.

As if Clinton’s treachery were not enough, during the US House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi, she mocked the value of truth. Who could forget Hillary asking, “ this point, what difference does it make?

She was literally implying that the reality of Muslim terrorism behind the attack and the Obama administration’s attempt to blame it on America did not matter. This woman is truly despicable -- and General Allen wants her to be commander in chief?


For a man like Allen who rose to the top of an elite organization that prides itself on integrity, sense of duty, and moral principles, the general could not have climbed in to bed with a more repulsive politician than the wife of Bill Clinton.

To non-liberals, knowing that the Democratic Party is constantly lying to them about Islamic terrorism, as well as practically every other controversial issue, should make a difference. But why digress? Truth matters -- period.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton exposed highly classified materials of national security to our nation’s worst enemies -- and the Obama administration just looked away.

Is this the brand of justice that General Allen promoted as a Marine? It certainly is not the sort of justice that earns the respect, confidence, and faithfulness of normal human beings.

American hero General David Petraeus was prosecuted and convicted by the Obama administration for far less serious breeches of security than what Hillary Clinton has done.

Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton has assisted in undermining hard-fought American successes in Iraq, and she shares in the responsibility for destabilizing the region by supporting Obama’s decision to withdrawal military forces against the advice of military experts.

She has also supported Obama’s emasculation of the military through sequestration and the infusion of social engineering into military culture.


If Hillary Clinton is exactly the kind of commander in chief General Allen believes America needs, then General Allen is seriously delusional, psychotic, or just emotionally unhappy.

Not only is Hillary the antithesis of what a commander in chief should be, she is also the antithesis of a decent human being.

She has been recorded chuckling over her successful defense of a child rapist.

She has shamelessly attacked the characters of her husband’s sexual conquests and his alleged rape victims.

She possesses absolutely none of the leadership traits that the United States Marine Corps has valued for almost 241 years.

Perhaps if Hillary Clinton does become commander in chief, she and General Allen will add lying and betrayal to their new list of Marine Corps leadership traits. Hillary Clinton has certainly mastered both to achieve her goals, and General Allen brazenly trusts her judgment.

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