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“I’ve looked over Jordan, and I have seen
Things are not what they seem.
What do you get for pretending the danger’s not real...
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well- trodden corridors into the valley of steel.”


                                                             - Roger Waters

I am tired of all the dancing around the subject with respect to Barack Obama’s political, social, and economic views.  He’s not a “liberal,” or a “Democrat,” or a “progressive,” or even a “socialist.”  Let’s call it what it is, shall we?  It’s time to use the “C” word.  His policies are communist, pure and simple.

Even without the power of the Presidency, a filibuster-proof Senate, and U.S. Supreme Court appointments under his belt, Obama has already:

*  called for a national citizen military force;

* sent government agents to intimidate American citizens who have said they don’t agree with him and will not vote for him;

* tried to use the offices of state Attorneys General to silence any opposition or dissent;

* offered questionable “support” for the Second Amendment “right to bear arms” – as long as it isn’t in self-defense;

* proposed his version of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need;”  (plumbers – plumbers, for pity’s sake, should pay more taxes???)


* trained, funded and utilized organizations like ACORN that are notorious for voter registration fraud;

* consorted with and funded terrorists and anti-American radicals;

* attended a church led by a racist, black supremacist, anti-American bigot;

* been mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, who was apparently not only a Communist and a bigot, but also a pervert, and who warned Obama not to go off to college or fall for “equal opportunity and the American way and all that s***.”

Despite concerted efforts by the media to hide this information, Obama’s connections with the Communist Party have been unearthed by independent investigators, journalists and bloggers.  And like clockwork, Obama apologists and handlers are trying to assuage the public’s concerns with assurances that Obama is “not that radical;” he knows that “socialism is dead;” he is a pragmatist, not an ideologue.

Uh-huh.  Sure.  Well, they got the “pragmatist” part right, anyway.  Obama’s immersion in the philosophy of Saul Alinsky has made him a master of political pragmatism.  Conservatives make another fundamental error when they wonder why Obama is heralding policies like higher taxes that have been proven, time and time again, to fail.  Newsflash: You don’t get it.  It’s not that Obama is ignorant, or misguided.  He knows – as do his Red backers – that the policies he espouses will cause further economic trauma.  This is deliberate.  Because the worse things get, the more receptive the public will be to Obama’s & Co.’s honey-tongued assurances that the government will step in and “make it all better.” Look at Hurricane Katrina, and the recent financial crisis: how many people were clamoring for the government to “do something”?  And that’s nothing compared to what we’re going to face when Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid collapse.


Obama’s colleagues are shrewd; they know that they have little chance of taking over all of private enterprise by force.  Instead, they want the public to hand it over to them, bit by bit.

Even the briefest study of Communist Party ideology dating back to the 1930s reveals a concerted campaign to infiltrate and destroy the United States from within, by gaining control of the universities, of the media, of primary and secondary school, of the courts, and ultimately the entire government.  Joseph McCarthy’s monumentally bad rap notwithstanding, dozens of former spies have come forward, as have the documents, attesting to the Party’s intentions.  When the Soviet Union fell in 1989, those ideas pretty much went the way of the dodo in Russia, but they have been alive and well in this country for 80 years.  People like William Ayers are proof.

Communism is – at best – a failed business model.  At worst it is a recipe for slaughter.  In its initial phases, communism depends upon arrogance, ignorance, deceit, and complicity.  Its advocates and standard-bearers are typically messianic ideologues who use economic hardship to deceive well-meaning but woefully ignorant people into agreeing with its basic premises.  Once in power, however, the communists themselves are merciless, for two reasons: one, communists have a deistic view of their own righteousness and benevolent intentions.  And two, the principles of communism are fundamentally flawed and utterly at odds with human nature.  Everyone is only “equal” in the eyes of God; using earthly measures (talent, ability, skills, interests, motivation), humans are as different as can be.  Attempts to create equal results, as opposed to equal opportunity, are doomed to failure.  Failure, in communists, produces frustration.  And frustration, in communists, results in oppression.


Because of principle #2, above, communism has always resulted in economic deprivation – if not outright starvation - on a widespread scale.  And so because of principle #1, the opposition – and this becomes a larger and larger segment of the population as time goes on – must be silenced, because they cannot be “converted.”  When that is not enough (and it is never enough), they are jailed, sent to forced labor camps, starved, shot, flayed, buried alive, tortured, dismembered and killed in whatever novel and despicable ways the communists can come up with to silence dissent and usher in utopia.

These practices are not the exception.  They are the rule.  In the pantheon of the Unholy Church of Communism, the patron saints are Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Pol Pot.  Millions of people have suffered and died at the hands of these butchers – initially hailed as redeemers, visionaries, and liberators but who turned out to be nothing more than elitist bastards cloaked in the guise of “social equality” who thought they knew what was best for everyone else. 

Communism has failed everywhere it has been tried. We have nearly 100 years and 100 million corpses as proof.  The only people who believe otherwise are certain American liberals – because they are the most ignorant people on the planet, and because they have never had to live under it.


But never have the communists felt closer to achieving their goal than they are now.  Make no mistake, they are waiting behind Barack Obama, panting and slavering at the prospect of taking over every branch of government, systematically dismantling the economic system that has provided our country with unprecedented prosperity and dissolving the procedural protections that have insulated us from the oppression, starvation, despair, and death that has accompanied communism and every other form of tyranny.

Americans seem ready to hand over their lives and livelihoods to this bloviating neophyte with associations so unsavory they should render his candidacy a joke.  It would be inscrutable even if there were not so much precedent.  We’ve all heard people exclaim, when examining incident after historical incident of genocide, or government oppression, “How could that have happened?”  In the same breath, they assure themselves that it couldn’t happen here because, “America is different.”

This is breathtakingly ignorant, and it is a dangerous falsehood.  There is NOTHING exceptional about Americans as human beings.  We are subject to same whims, caprices, fears and lusts for power as every other human beings.

What is exceptional is our economic and political system.  If we dismantle the very procedural protections that were put into place to protect us from tyranny (by people who had lived with tyranny and knew it well), then tyranny is what we will get.


And we are being lured into the same noose that has ensnared so many millions of hapless souls, despite reams of pages of history.  We express horror at the Hitler Youth in little matching uniforms singing “Hitler will save us, Hitler is our Lord,” but then we smile and laugh as we see grade schoolers in matching blue t-shirts singing, “Obama’s gonna save us.”  We are outraged by the army of children in Sudan, but think nothing of American black boys in camouflage pumping their fists and chanting propaganda from Obama’s campaign.  We are repulsed by some dictators’ claims that they are gods, but shrug it off as insignificant when Louis Farrakhan – a vicious anti-semite, among other reprehensible things – says “the Messiah is speaking” in a speech referring to Obama.

Still don’t think it can happen here?  Well, you’re in good company.  Neither did the Russians.  Or the Germans.  Or the Chinese.  Or the North Koreans.  Or the Vietnamese.  Or the Cubans.  Or the Cambodians.

Critics will call this alarmist fear-mongering.  So be it.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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