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Donald Trump and American Exceptionalism

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Part of the Trump Phenomenon is his willingness to speak to something that politicians won’t; that America is the successor to the British Empire.

The British Empire was a force for good. The monarch reigned and did not rule. The people ruled, especially as time went on. The Empire got better when it embraced the fact that it had power and that such power could be used for good as a matter of national policy such as in ending the Atlantic slave trade, eliminating social barriers in its colonies and dominions, providing a common language and promoting equality while allowing civilized cultural norms across the seas.


The growing good that is in India comes primarily from Western institutions, specifically British institutions such as the English language, democracy, and the idea that people are equal and not part of a forever caste.

If the British had never come to India, the nation would have been hundreds of smaller nation states at war with each other, led by kings who believed in a culture that divides people in castes and believed that widowed women should burn themselves to death.

The Empire got involved in two World Wars in response to German invasions of innocent countries long before one of the Empire’s greatest creations, America, got involved in those wars. While America may have tipped the scales in those conflicts, it was Britain who led from the front out of good and, in 1940, alone. It cost them their empire but they at least survived when the New World finally entered the war. America thereafter succeeded the Empire and the Old World became its dearest ally during the Cold War.

Americans believe their country is the greatest in the world and has something fundamentally better to offer humanity. If that was not the case, their ancestors would not have come here and the current citizens would be leaving. It is hard to find someone who voluntarily leaves America forever, even from Hollywood. Ordinary Americans are tired of hearing, from the elites whom ordinary Americans give protection and liberty to, that they need to shut up about the greatness and goodness of America.


America, like its British Empire predecessor, is the greatest force for good in the world. Its people, drawn from the ranks of the world, know it. Even our politicians know it, save those on the left. Lincoln said America was the “last, best hope” for mankind on earth. It time modern politicians emulate Lincoln and say what they should know about the decency of this nation, its people, and its power.

There are discretions on the use of such power, as Donald Trump has pointed out in his statements about the Iraq War, but he also shows depth of thought that once one is in a conflict such as with ISIS, America must fight and win.

America’s unwillingness to play hardball with its enemies, as referenced by fake red lines, lingering hostages in Iran, and trading high level terrorists for traitors, leads to further chaos throughout the world.

With the exception of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Ben Carson, few politicians will even come close to Trump’s zeal to acknowledge the American Empire of Good, let alone save it.

As the superpower of the world, just like the most popular kid in school, some will always dislike America out of envy no matter what. The political correctness of ignoring this ultimately leads to lost prosperity and lives.

America has been the rightful successor of the British Empire for the past 70 years. The brave historian Niall Ferguson, amongst others, has embraced that fact and urged America to acknowledge and embrace the good that it is with the power it holds. It is time for the politicians to embrace it as well, before we lose it to those who do not believe in what we do. This is part of the Trump Phenomenon as such a view is seen as right by a large segment of the American public.


There are nations throughout the world that need America. Nations such as Israel, Jordan, Ukraine, the Baltic States, and many others look to America for leadership. Their enemies, most of whom are our shared enemies, also look to us.

It is time we embraced our power, not only for the survival of other nations but for our own. It might also be beneficial for the survival of a political candidacy.


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