Supporting Rush Limbaugh: Early Christmas RUSH

Posted: Sep 25, 2014 12:01 AM

The leftist conspiracy to destroy Rush Limbaugh is not only another wake up call for Conservatives but an opportunity to fight back by buying from Rush’s advertisers.

Rush Limbaugh has been more than a thorn in the side of leftist leaders for years; he is a dagger in their failing heart. Witty, timely, often prophetic in his analysis of leftist policy, Rush is hated and feared by lefty leaders. Their hatred of him knows few bounds, as recently revealed by The Daily Caller:

Rush Limbaugh, like all in media, has advertisers for his show. Leftist venom for Rush goes beyond their hatred of him. They target hardworking Americans who advertise on Rush’s show. According to The Daily Caller, 70 percent of the tweets targeting Mr. Limbaugh’s advertisers were found to be from only ten total twitter accounts. The left listed all of Rush’s advertisers on a website, urging people to contact the advertisers and some leftists have urged supporters to boycott the advertisers. Apparently few have been listening to the calls, as judging by the need for a tweeting conspiracy. The leftist hate site even listed the March of Dimes and the Special Olympics on their webpage.

The leftist leadership that says they represent the working class, and stand for diversity, has once again revealed itself to be neither. The left is morally bankrupt and out of ideas so they look for only one thing; power. They took over the government, and a great deal of the schools and Republican Party. Then they go after the holiest of holies: freedom of speech and freedom of religion. They wish to silence their critics by almost any means necessary, even targeting those with even the tiniest links to a public figure in the hopes of silencing the voices in the wilderness. They do not even accept that the people listen to him in overwhelming numbers, for the messenger does not matter, nor his advertisers, and certainly not the people who listen to him in freedom.

The leftist attacks are so weak that they must “Machine tweet anti Rush comments in robotic fashion” according to The Daily Caller. Americans of all political persuasions are fundamentally decent people. That is why most of the anti Rush tweets are from only 10 people because people are respectful to not try to take food off the table of others except in the most egregious of circumstances. Further, most Americans respect the rights of others to disagree, even those whom they vehemently disagree with. The leftist leadership knows that; hence the need to resort to these tactics. It is hard to imagine whether the leftist leadership is more underhanded, or pathetic. Considering that the left cannot get a radio show that even comes as close to resonating with Americans as Rush’s show does in terms of listeners, the answer is the leftist leadership is equally underhanded and pathetic.

It is time to fight back and give the Conservative positive message. Conservatives have a Christmas shopping list and it is Rush’s advertisers. The list below, gladly provided by our friends on the left, is our one stop shop for that perfect stocking stuffer, shoes for the wife, or even a new car.

The history of BUYcott’s in the past has been successful as seen in Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day that was wildly successful and contributed to an even larger profit margin for that Christian based company. One of the more innovative economic signs, reflecting Mayor Giuliani’s call to economic action in the City of New York after the events of September 11, 2001 was “Fight Back New York: Eat Out” which helped at least slow if not stop the closing of some New York City establishments.

Rush Limbaugh has been a great friend to the Conservative movement for years, and at many times has been almost the only major public face of Conservatism. He has stood steadfast while others have withered.

In doing so, Rush has kept hope and freedom alive. Who would believe that the leadership of the teacher’s unions would be exposed for looking out for teacher benefits as opposed to the students if it wasn’t for brave people like Rush? This is but one example of the many issues that Rush has been a pioneer on. He deserves our thanks, gratitude, and support as often he has been the pin cushion for beliefs many hold.

It is time to support Rush. Go to the website listing Rush’s advertisers for some early Christmas shopping.

You may want to print out the list of information and/or copy it for yourself just in case the left gets a little sensitive and decides to change their hate site. You never know with them.