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AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Yesterday at the White House, Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave out awards commemorating International Women's Day. 

Of the handful of women selected from around the world for the honor of a visit to the White House and recognition by the leader of the free world, one of the women brought something a little extra to the table: a penis.

That's right, as the secretary of state's press release spells out, one of the select women honored by Joe Biden's White House for International Women's Day is, in fact, a transgender woman from Argentina:

Alba Rueda, Argentina’s current Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, was the first Argentine Undersecretary for Diversity Policies in the newly created Ministry of Women, Gender, and Diversity.  Ms. Rueda was the driving force behind Argentina’s executive order on the transgender labor quota in the public sector which was converted into the Transgender Labor Quota Act.  

What message is the White House sending here? What are we supposed to take away from this spectacle? Of all of the women around the world to be honored this year on International Women's Day, they had to fill one of the slots with a transgender woman? Why? They couldn't find any biological women to fill that last position?

Well, of course not. This was a very deliberate act. It's meant to send a political message – that transgender women are women. There's no difference. There's no distinction – except, of course, for the fact that all of the press releases and the actual announcement at the White House ceremony identified this individual as a transgender woman, not merely a woman. They bent over backward to point out to the world that they were giving this award to a transgender woman.

If transgender women are women and there is no distinction, no difference, and they should be treated equally as any other woman, why make the distinction? Why point out the difference? Why go out of your way to point out that this woman is a transgender woman?

Because this wasn't about honoring women, this was about virtue signaling and getting social credit for being on the right side of a transgender battle.

But even more noteworthy at the ceremony was the fact that one of the recipients was a doctor from Afghanistan who fled just in time to save her life and her future after Joe Biden's disastrous pullout from her nation.

Thanks to American foreign policy and the American military, combined with coalition forces from the western world, Dr. Zakira Hekmat was able to get an education, go to a university, and become a doctor. Things that never would have happened under the repressive Taliban regime we liberated her from in 2002.

Sadly, she was the only Afghan acknowledged at the ceremony. While Secretary of State Blinken handed her an award, I wonder if he thought about the girls that were left behind.

On the same day of the spectacle with the White House, the United Nations released a report showing Afghanistan as the least hospitable nation on the planet for women.

Afghanistan is the most repressive country for women in the wake of the Taliban takeover in 2021, after which it stripped women and girls of many of their fundamental human rights, the United Nations declared on Wednesday.

The U.N. mission in Afghanistan said in a statement released on International Women’s Day that the new Taliban leaders have “demonstrated an almost singular focus on imposing rules that leave most women and girls effectively trapped in their homes.”

As of now, girls in Afghanistan are only allowed to get an education up to the sixth grade. Those universities that were opened for women by the American GIs have now been retooled as men-only facilities.

Women in Afghanistan cannot show their faces in public. They cannot walk alone on the streets. They are not allowed to own property. In fact, they are property thanks to their Taliban overlords.

Why? Because Joe Biden and his feckless diplomats abandoned the girls of Afghanistan to the same barbaric Taliban terrorists who had a suicide bomber murder 13 service members during Biden's debacle in August 2021.

As Dr. Jill enjoys her White House ceremony celebrating women around the world, I wonder if she paused for a moment to recognize that the women her husband left behind in Afghanistan will never have the opportunity to call themselves doctors. They're not even allowed to advance past elementary school.

But at least she got all the kudos from the political left in the media for handing out a women's award to a man.


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