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By now, you've seen the latest Project Veritas exposé showing video footage of a Pfizer employee – Director of Research and Development, no less – bragging to an undercover journalist that the pharmaceutical and vaccine giant is toying with research that brings them right up to the border (if not catapulting miles across the border) of the dangerous "gain of function research" that got the planet into this pandemic mess in the first place. 


If you haven't seen it, here's the first installment, where Jordon Trishton Walker, the aforementioned Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations & mRNA Scientific Planner for Pfizer, brags about his company's plans for mutating the Covid-19 virus. 

Some choice quotes from Mr. Walker: 

“One of the things we're exploring is like, why don't we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create -- preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we're gonna do that though, there's a risk of like, as you could imagine -- no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses.”


“Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone. The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them.”


“You have to be very controlled to make sure that this virus [COVID] that you mutate doesn’t create something that just goes everywhere. Which, I suspect, is the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest. It makes no sense that this virus popped out of nowhere. It’s bullsh*t.”



“From what I’ve heard is they [Pfizer scientists] are optimizing it [COVID mutation process], but they’re going slow because everyone is very cautious -- obviously they don’t want to accelerate it too much. I think they are also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing because you obviously don’t want to advertise that you are figuring out future mutations.”

Bombshell stuff. But that's just the beginning. 

When James O'Keefe, the founder of Veritas, confronted a surprised Walker with his own words played back to him on video, did the new face of Pfizer react in a professional, calm and collected way you'd expect from a guy who's dabbling in terrifying, viral research? 

Not quite. Our guy went absolutely nuts. 

At the time of this article's publication, the original video has been viewed nearly 20 million times on Twitter alone, and Pfizer has not commented on its employees' claims or his behavior. It has not denied that it's engaged (or even considering engaging) in the mad scientist-sounding research Walker indicates. It has not claimed the video is a hoax or a product of "selective and deceitful editing," as Project Veritas targets often claim. 


So, what's really going on at Pfizer right now? 

One suspects it's getting its story straight. 

I've known and worked with James O'Keefe since his first Acorn videos hit Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website in September 2009. Acorn responded the same way many of O'Keefe's subjects respond… it lied. 

First, it tried to claim the Acorn office filmed by O'Keefe was "rogue" and represented an "isolated incident." Then, James, Hannah Giles and Andrew released a half dozen more videos from a half dozen different Acorn offices. It proved the systemic corruption in the organization. 

Then it tried to claim "selective editing," but James and Andrew released the entire transcripts and audio recordings from the raw materials for the reports. Another lie exposed. 

When all was said and done, Congress moved to defund Acorn, and the entire corrupt Marxist enterprise went belly-up. 

This is why Pfizer isn't saying anything. 

It's currently calling every employee it can think of into its offices for friendly, legal interrogations. 

"Have you been on any dates recently with a strangely inquisitive person?" 

"What did you tell them?" 

"Let me see your Tinder activity!"

This thing should be really easy to respond to if you have nothing to hide. 

Either Walker is a fabulist, or he's telling the truth. 


Either you're engaged in this monkey-mutation research, or you're not. 

Either you're hiding your Covid-tinkering experiments from the public, or you're transparent. 

Either you're mutating the virus to force more booster mandates and more revenue, or you're not. 

Why not just answer these questions? Because, right now, the priority is to anticipate the next O'Keefe video so that you're not caught in a provable lie. That's the priority. Otherwise, it would be so easy to just tell the truth. Never a danger of getting caught in a lie when the truth is your friend, right?

Also, why won't the media cover this story? There's been lamentable neglect from media outlets with much larger budgets than Project Veritas. Why are they so intent on ignoring this bombshell? 

Are they embarrassed that O'Keefe and his merry band of pirates have scooped them? Or are they too entrenched in the vaccine narrative they helped build to explore any alternate storyline on the shots? 

There was a time when O'Keefe's work in this exposé would have been executed by "60 Minutes." They would've been the ones with the undercover journalists and the hidden cameras. 

They would've been the first to expose Big Tobacco or Big Oil… why not Big Pharma?

Now, not only do they refuse to strap on the wire and the hidden camera, they won't even acknowledge when other journalists have the balls to do it themselves. 



It's just another reason why consumers of news and information have been shutting them off in droves over the past decade. Because they know where to find real journalism. 

It's just so sad Andrew didn't live to see James' latest masterpiece. 

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