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The Arrogance of Equity

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It has been revealed that several Northern Virginian high schools purposely withheld scholastic merit awards from their highest-achieving students. When the details of the story finally emerged, it became apparent that this emotional abuse of young teenagers at the hands of overly educated school administrators was yet another example of the left's latest Holy Grail agenda: equity. 


The awards were unceremoniously placed on student desks on November 14, 2022, two weeks after students’ early applications were due for college admissions.  No award ceremonies or press releases citing the scholars’ achievements issued from Bonitatibus’s TJ.  She ended that practice years ago in deference to the FCPS system-wide commitment to race based advancement in place of academic achievement based advancement.

Watch my Salem News Channel interview with the courageous mom-whistle-blower in this case that's gaining national recognition: 

Over the past decade, some of the most destructive and un-American policies pushed on our children in state-run schools have been justified in the insidious name of equity.

Voters, taxpayers and suburban soccer moms who aren't paying attention would be forgiven for happily going along with the equity agenda because they erroneously mistook the intentions of left-wing social engineers as striving for equality.

However, equity and equality couldn't be more different. Of course, this is why the left employs the term equity. The word is meant to confuse and mislead. This is the only way socialists ever get their agendas passed in this country.

For example, Americans instinctively do not want government-run health care but are tricked into supporting ideas like Medicare For All or half measures described as the Affordable Care Act. The left knows what they're doing when they market and brand a bad idea that most Americans are repelled by.


The push for equity in our school systems falls into this deceptive and destructive category.

Equity, as it is employed in our state-run schools, is little more than social engineering to force the desired outcome of an elite, socialist class at the expense of hardworking, innocent children.

The latest example of equity in public education may seem trivial and even benign on its face, but when you peel it back to its core, you realize that these school administrators refusing to award excellence is the closest our nation has actually come to a full-blown communist regime.

Seventeen-year-old children who made all the right choices in school, worked their tails off, studied as their classmates played Xbox and partied, and focused on achieving at the highest academic level so that they could have a better opportunity to attend a superior college or university so that they could have a leg up on a fulfilling and prosperous career, were purposely overlooked and ignored when all of their hard work received the dividend of a national merit recognition.

Fairfax County Public Schools, a wealthy suburb of Washington, DC, likes to spend most of its public relations money on bragging to the rest of the country about its superior school systems. Of course, it's not school administrators with multiple doctorates in education who helped the school system achieve such academic accolades. It was the children, along with their parents.

But the school board and school system, now dominated by left-wing ideologues, have made it a policy to not acknowledge the very children who make them look so good with their test scores and grade point averages; lest the children who do not receive academic awards feel bad.


These national merit awards aid greatly in the college application process and help students win grants and scholarships so they can afford the astronomical cost of higher education. But the people who run our finest school systems in this country took it upon themselves to deny these children the recognition they work so hard to earn because it would be inequitable to single out anyone for their academic achievement.

There is something basic and fundamentally human about wanting the appropriate recognition and rewards for the hard work we engage in. 

If we are shortchanged by our employer for a hard day's work, we recoil in indignant anger. 

If our favorite team is robbed of victory because of a blind umpire or a feckless, lazy referee, we scream in righteous fury. 

And if our child, after years of studying and sacrifice, is denied their moment of recognition by a professional educator so as to spare the feelings of the child's peers, we are properly upset on our child's behalf. 

The same schools that hold endless pep rallies for their football teams choose to ignore the kids who get great grades and test scores... it's almost like these left-wing ideologues hold different values than we do. 

There's also a level of unfathomable arrogance at play here. 

Imagine the hubris required to inject oneself into this basic and fundamental work/reward process. Imagine knowing better for another person's child and rejecting this fundamental moment of recognition, all in the name of equity. 


It takes real chutzpah to believe that your values are so superior to the parents who've raised this over-achieving child. To stand between a child's years of hard work and diligent study and their deserved, meritorious reward because you know what's best in the long run for all the children involved. 

But, throughout history, the left has never lacked an arrogant, all-knowing superiority of what's best for humanity, no matter who gets hurt in the process of building Utopia. This latest example of the arrogance of equity falls right in place with Stalin's 5-Year Plan and Mao's Great Leap Forward. 

Remember that the next time your local school board tries to pedal equity your way. Equity is not equality; equity is Marxism. 

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