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Democrats Kill Their Political Pawns

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One of the most odious reactions from the political left over the Martha's Vineyard "border crisis" last week was the outright indignant condemnation of Gov. Ron DeSantis for engaging in "a political stunt" to get attention and make a point about the nightmare on America's southern border. 


"We have so-called leaders in this country who rather than focusing on what's good for the public within their own states, they're using people as pawns for a political stunt," Doug Emhoff, husband of failed Border Czar Kamala Harris told reporters

I would take issue with the Second Husband's contention that DeSantis was not "focusing on what's good for the public within their own states" because there are now 50 fewer illegal immigrants in Florida than before the airlift to Martha's Vineyard. 

But to the question of using people for a political stunt, a thoughtful answer is required. 

Let's talk about "using people as pawns" for a moment, shall we?

Obviously, if flying illegal immigrants and/or "asylum seekers" to American cities far from the southern border is a "political stunt," then Joe Biden and his hapless border czar have reached legendary stuntman status at this point. 

Criminal border crossers have been transported all over the nation on the Biden Administration's whim for the past 20 months with nary a mention (let alone condemnation) from the legacy, propaganda media outlets that do their bidding. 

But, even more insidious and, frankly, evil, in the mindless repetition that DeSantis "used human beings as pawns" by flying them on private jets to the most exclusive and wealthy retreat on the Eastern Seabord, is the reality that Democrats and the Biden White House have used illegal aliens as pawns in the most literal sense of the word. 


You see, in the game of chess, pawns are used as cannon fodder, human sacrifices to reach a political end (conquering the opposing king). Pawns are expendable. Their entire reason for existence is to sacrifice their lives for the king's ultimate victory. 

By this definition, Biden, Harris and the Democrats have treated illegal migrants as pawns in the deadliest way. 

The terrifying story of 53 illegals killed in the back of a tractor-trailer passing the southern border earlier this year is the most poetic contrast to the Martha's Vineyard drama. While 50 illegal crossers were flown to the comfy confines in the middle of a cool September season, about the same number died a torturous death in the back of a semi last June, victims of the human traffickers emboldened by Bidens proactive open border free-for-all. 

Pawns in a truck. 

Last September, over 12,000 Haitian nationals attempted to cross the southern border and squatted for days under an overpass in Del Rio, Texas. The humanitarian devastation was palpable and nearly ignored entirely. Biden swept the problem away by moving the illegals from the view of cameras. Many died. 

Pawns under a bridge.

But these two examples are extraordinary one-off incidents that grabbed a small handful of headlines for a short news cycle. The more harrowing data point came last month from the Rio Grande area of Maverick County, Texas. There, after a string of horrific drownings, the local morgue reported it had reached capacity.


“Last week, one of the morgues didn’t have a place for any more bodies,” said Schmerber. He rejected one morgue director’s request to move bodies to the local jail and “park them outside.” It felt wrong to the sheriff: “I said, ‘No, I don’t want to take the responsibility if an animal comes.’” 

A local Maverick County funeral home director told The Post he’s had to “stack” bodies as he runs out of space.

This is a result of what has become a daily dystopian horror show. Foreign nationals enticed by the Biden-Harris siren song of asylum, crossing the raging waters of the Rio Grande and dying at such a rate that morgues and funeral homes are literally overflowing with corpses and the media barely notices. 

Pawns, all of them. 

And any time these human tragedies are raised to the current power structure whose lack of border law enforcement has invited the death, rape and exploitation, the response is always the same. 

As spokes-robot Karine Jean-Pierre said last week, "President Biden put forward a comprehensive immigration reform package on his first day in office and secured record funding for the Department of Homeland Security.  We once again invite Republicans to support both." 

The real smoking gun comment came from Border Czar Harris herself, "We also have to put into place a law and a plan for a pathway for citizenship for the millions of people who are here and are prepared to do what is legally required to gain citizenship," she said. 


When the human devastation of deaths, drownings, rapes and overflowing morgues is brought to these ghouls' attention, they basically respond by blaming their enemies and promising that the bodies will keep stacking up until they get their amnesty laws passed. 

Pawns. That's how you use pawns. You let them die while you use their dead bodies to get what you want. 

When it comes to using illegal immigrants as pawns, these monsters could put Garry Kasparov to shame. 

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